Friday, January 21, 2011

Awal Ashaari and Me!

I'm a number one fan of Awal Ashaari. I've never fall for a celebrity in my whole life but I did when I first saw him on the TV. Despite the good look (that enables him becoming a glamorous actor, model and TV host) I really do admire his good PR represented whenever he's dealing with public and his fans. He never left out of words and he delivers it perfectly with that super sweet and to-die-for smile..

I have Awal Ashaari with me 24/7. From the day I wake up from bed and he drives me to the office and bla bla bla.. Hehehe.. My husband is my Awal Ashaari! Pffttt.. =p

This entry is solely credited to my one and only beloved husband. Thank you so much for spending some of your precious time to have lunch with me just now. We had lunch together for every single days but today you told me you're so hand-tied with your work? Hukk.. =( I tried to accept it full-heartedly but the little ME inside refuses. Blame her! Luckily, with a simple SMS he replied it with a phone call and he's in front at my office lobby few minutes later. Weeee!!

Thank you so much sayang!
Selamat bekerja dengan rajin yeah!
Ok, takmau kacau lagi dah... hik! =)

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