Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Wish List

Err. It's not that I'm wishing upon a new little bundle of joy in the family.
It's a wish list with regards of the baby, I mean Faheem.
Yeah that toddler baby. What ever. Hehe..

Maclaren Carry Bag. I've been thinking of getting one since few months back when the little boy started to raise interest with his stroller whenever we parked it in front of the door way. Well that is the most suitable place that we have! My husband once parked it at the yard area but it's near the tong sampah. Mrs health inspector will definitely says NO at that instant! So we're back to the only place that is available and suitable from our point of view. Sigh..

Shocking but true, they are babies that get their fingertips amputated by the stroller's hinge when parents were unfolding the stroller (reported in the USA only though). Maclaren world wide provides a kit to cover the stroller hinge and we already booked one, well months back. Dear husband, we should get the thing fixed asap. In the mean time, that carry bag. But the durable nylon bag costs us RM249. Yes it's a huge number for us. But ignorance is no more a bliss mama Faheem..

A toddler walking shoe. I don't mind which brand it is but extra comfy is crucial. Timberland perhaps? Yeah.. Like father like son. Faheem has started to walk at 13months old. But still he's in the process of mastering the footing exercise and coordination his lower body with the muscle strength. Since he can crawls much faster than he walks, sometimes he prefers crawling rapidly despite the later one. His current Baby Kiko shoe still fits him right but I'm not so sure for the next 2 months. Should I get one during this Chinese New Year Sale? Err.. Yet another few hundred bucks flown away..

Last but not least, a perfect day care center. Currently we have a babysitter that stays with us ever since I'm done with maternity leave and started again my 8-5 working life. Alhamdulillah.. She has been such a good help for us all this while. But I'm still thinking about sending him outside. Err.. I know many people might have said..
"Why opt for outside day care? Hey you should be thankful that your own aunt is willing to babysit your kid and stays with you!"
"Daycare? Pagi kene bangun awal ok. Lewat jemput kene extra charge ok!"
"Each month your baby will fall sick. You're thinking rubbish Lisa"
And some have just said,
"You're crazy Lisa. You're such a clenaholic and I don't think you can tahan seeing your kid so chomot, when you gets him from office"
But I still want him to get a proper pre-school education outside. I've contacted few pre-school centers but most of them didn't accept less than 3-year-old kiddos. And which ever centers that are willing to do so charge us almost RM600 and over per month! Maybe I should hold this issue first. Quits my job and becomes a stay at home mom when my eldest kid started schooling. Well my husband says so..

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  1. Dear Lisa,

    Aicehh.. macam tulis surat chenta pulak... hahaha.. for me, every parents ada reason sebab apa nak hantar anak pegi nursery ke, duduk kat babysitter ke or whatever.. tak kire apa reason pun, mestilah kita as parents nak yg terbaik utk si anak.. mmg org akan kata macam2, bagi mereka just bagi their opinions, tapi kadang2 mmg menyakitkan hati jer.. hahaha.. dah pernah thru that situations so many times.. sbb tu skrg apa2 pun, apa yg u rasa the best for faheem, just go for it.. but at the same time, kita learn lah kan.. bukan semua decision yang kita buat tu 100% betul... so kena monitor jugak and if perlu take back the decision, takde masalah.. abaikan org yg nak pulangkan paku buah keras tu...yang penting, kita dah cuba yang terbaik untuk anak kita..kan? apakah aku melalut nih? hahahaha

  2. perghh.. bleh dpt commentator of the year nih. kekekek. btol tu ape ko ckp. go for it if u really thinks that's the best for ur kids kan. tp bnyk pros n cons la kene memikirkan nye. kte x bole dpt sume bnde, kene blajo2 la bersyukur dgn ape yg ada kn. hadoii.. ape aku plak melalut nih.. ko la nih!

    eh nt update la lagi psl perkembangan (power x perkataaan pilihan aku) eesya kt smart reader tu eh. smart reader dgn umh sku dkt le sesangat. maybe one day anto faheem ke situ jgk nt.

  3. zidane pegi daycare! dia happy je. hehehe tapi ye betol slalu selsema tapi daycare dia takdela comot and all. hahahaha tapi kalo ada sedara mara sendiri yang boleh jaga zidane, i think kasi sedara mara jagalah. :p

    btw, about play school..hehehe selamat mengsurvey. nanti hapdet i yeah.

  4. itula.. duk pk2 maybe i shud just let him stay at home kn. da masuk one year and a half ke bru anta day care. x pun 2 years? walopun die seseme ke ape, at least his antibody functions la kan. ni duk kat clean environment je. x mencabar langsung! haha.. (nt faheem x tdo mlm merengek stuffy nose bru bru tauuuu! hukkkk...)

    bereh boh, akan diupdate kan lg pre-school2 di Malaysia ini nt..



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