Thursday, January 6, 2011

Faheem's 1st Birthday Celebration!

The beloved and darling little man has turned one few weeks back on the 13th of December 2010. But his adventurous parent was so tied up with Langkawi trip and this and that so we postponed the most awaited event to the 1st January 2011. Initially we are planning to have just a small crowd of neighboring friends like I stated before in His First Birthday Celebration Plan but the confirmed invitees had surprisingly exceeded to almost 70pax!

Semoga Allah merahmati keluarga kecil kami ini. Amin..
Selamat hari lahir yang pertama anak mama!

Mr. Luck was not on our side when PM Najib suddenly announced a public holiday on Friday to celebrate the national football team (Harimau Malaya.. Oh Khairul Fahmi Che Mat!) who won the Suzuki AFF cup for the first time in 14 years. Few of the guests had decided to spend the precious 4 days leave at their hometown. That resolve to: We were left with abundant of foods that may feed 20 hungry homo sapiens! Huhu.. The other two big families also had to cancel the RSVP since their kids were having measles. Speedy recovery babies!

Lesson learnt by the way.
Next time around we will only cater the confirmed-by-phone guests! =)

The belated birthday boy before and after the party

The event started at 3pm and the last guests which were kak ti and hubby (my former housemate) left the home sweet home at 730pm. It's such a great get together with the lovely peeps. We decided to invite only friends and not the family related since both of us have quite a number of family members here in KL but they actually lives outside the city center so I guess lets just invite the good friends nearby. After all, it's just a kid's birthday =)

The menus:

1. Entree = Nasi tomato lauk ayam merah, daging kurma (well it tasted like so), acar timun. They caterer was Shamaz and I'm loving it! There's no hassle at all dealing with Mr Haz. In fact we communicated with just emails through the month and agreement made without any deposits and what not. Plus the yummy dishes arrived at my doorstep with two friendly guys an hour early! Will definitely recommends the caterer to all of you =)

2. Samosa and popia goreng. Nasib baik orang Pantai Timur dalam rumah ni sentiasa simpan sos cili keropok lekor kat rumah. Tak payah kelam kabut nak buat sos cili!

3. Meehun singapore perasa tomyam - tapi tak sesedap nenek Faheem buat!

4. Oreo cheesecake from Secret Recipe. Mommy's fav ever!

5. Cutie cupcakes from cuppylicious cupcake.

6. Blueberry Cheese Tarts from Pistachious Bakery. Marvellous!

7. Dessert = watermelon & honey dew

8. Drinks = Orangie cordial. Oh Finally I get myself a Tupperware outdoor chiller! Lepas ni senang la kalo nk buat makan2 besar atau pegi picnic ramai2! =)

9. Goodies = Cloud 9 Chocolate Wafer (We were running out of budget, sorry! =p)

Few of the presents Faheem received that day. Thank you aunties and uncles!

In a nutshell, everything turns up great as expected. Just don't wanna sweat the tiny stuffs such as: I forgot to refill the blueberry cheese tarts from the fridge when everybody was actually searching for it on the table! Haha.. My bad my mad. That thing will never happen again, cross my fingers! =D

Ever dearest Muhammad Faheem Darwish! Happy turning one my boy and welcome to toddler hood. May the best of life always be with you forever and always. Mama and papa loves you to bits and we are looking forward for more surprising achievements from you! P/s: Nanti mama papa bagi adik k! In the mean time you have to learn to behave like a big brother ok honey.. Smooches kiddo! =)


  1. faheem says Thank You uncle JMR! =) thanks for dropping by too. super nice photoblog la! kene follow ni. hehe. Keep in touch & take care!

    Lisa =)

  2. hepi 1st besday faheem! semoga membesar dng sihat & menjadi anak yg soleh.. amin.. :)

    mummy faheem, woww.. nice blog!

  3. hai lisa
    thank for folo me ya,i dah folo u balik.btw..nice to know u and salam perkenalan juga..

    happy 1stbday utk babyBoy Faheem..

  4. ibu alesyha: amin amin.. TQ so much akak :) bese2 je kak, x frequently update pn. hehe. nt update la lagi perkembangan anak akak kt GA k! :)

    mommy yen: TQ & salam kenal juga :) keep in touch k!

  5. the 1st one was successful!! let us plan for this year's birthday party plak =)

  6. penat x hilang lagi pa! hehe. but seriously can't wait for next party! :)



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