Sunday, January 9, 2011

Futsal Tournament @Ampang Sports Planet

Yesterday me and beloved hubby went to Ampang Sports Planet, again for the zillion times. The sportsaholic husband had a futsal tournament hosted by his company. Initially I'm not in the mood of watching him chasing the round rubber and sweating like hell on a drizzly Saturday morning but he really insisted me to follow him.

Hubby's 3rd futsal boot.. Getting ready!

Frankly speaking there's no fuss at all if it was just a 1 hour game with his mates since I can bring Faheem along with me. But to a tournament that may end up to hours in the non air conditioned hall? With a small kid that never stood still for even seconds? I tried my best in neglecting from giving a YES or NO. Simply serba salah..
To the extend that he said..
"Dulu2 sayang selalu je kut abang pegi futsal, hoki.."
Ok. This is something now. I'm starlet (but still remain in control of myself) with such statement from a dear husband. Tetibe rasa bersalah yang amat sangat.. =/ Well I used to accompany him where ever he went especially to any sporting events such as futsal & hockey ever since we get to know each other. I still remember those times when he played in the KL Hockey League, he never missed to fetch me up whenever he got a match after the office hours!

Till one day we happily tied the knot and I got pregnant very soon after that and finally the little charming arrived in our marriage life. Slowly I tend to refuse to be his 'cheer lady" at any sporting matches. I have a little baby that needs my full attention 24/7. He seems OK whenever I keep on repeating the same reason so I guess.. "Ok, he's cool with it."

But now I realized, I may be wrong this time. Well, I think I've wronged my husband with this issue. Though children might be the whole universe for me, Mr Spouse is the one that any wives should always taken care of with full obligations. I felt so guilty knowing that my husband who cares me EVERYTHING from top to toe, from foods to attires, from holidays to super caring-ness, from money to everyday jokes! ..felt that way towards me..

My bad. Dear abang sayang, if you're reading this. Thousand apology from me! Nanti mama plan holiday best2 for 2011 ok. And starting today I will company you where ever and when ever you asks me to. Promise! =)

Rules & regulations brief..

Mr Referee & me

Oh I always love that hamstring! =p

Papa Faheem in action!

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