Tuesday, January 11, 2011

iPad iPad iPad

I received an email from Apple Malaysia today. They are announcing a one-day online shopping event this coming Friday, January 14th. By looking at the red hot ad, I'm sure it's in commemoration with the Chinese New Year celebration this February. Initially I was about to delete the mail when I suddenly clicked the shop online button and started browsing the super cool gadgets website. Ok, you know I'm exaggerating.

Our home sweet home is currently well equipped (finally!) with WiFi connection. Previously I'm using the broadband service and there's nothing you can wish for when you get yourself online from the 14th floor. Lucky me I have a device called iPhone where I may surf the internet from every tunnels and and every mountains in the world. End of story and let's get straight to the point.

Enjoying WiFi at home makes me fells like selling off my netbook and gets and ipad!
Beloved hubby please advice, thank you love you!


  1. Hello from MBC Lisa! It's nice to "meet" you. I'm from Australia but spent 6 months in Malaysia about 10 year ago in Penang. I loved it! :) I know what you mean about the ipad. I'd love to have one too! They look super fun. :)

  2. hey adriel! good day mate.. i hope it sounds aussie enough =D Six months here? Wow.. do let me know if you are coming to Penang again. I'm staying in KL but my in law lives near Penang.

    Anyway, Levi is sooooooo cute! I'm following your blog right away. Take care!

  3. have to re-sell the current one first. haihh..

  4. hi,
    stumbled upon ur blog while blog walkin.cool blog i say. some say havin an ipad its like havin an ipod but witta bigger screen.
    do review bout it when u got 1 yea :D

  5. hi there emynz =)

    thanks for dropping by. ya ya.. i've heard such things too. but it's quite pricey i really have to say. anyway, i tried to view your blog but to no avail. i guess it's a private blog?

    do re-visit me next time!



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