Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sedekah Cara Mudah

This is what you called, bagai pucuk dicita ulam mendatang.

I just received this email from the Corporate Communications Department today. They are currently collecting used clothes for needy inpatients. And guess what, the beloved hubby had just query his wifey regarding a bundle of unknown-status garments that I have placed in the bed drawers.

Give clothes. Make a Fashion Statement.

Well I tried to keep it from him but he managed to find it while he was searching for a bedsheet last weekend. "Baju ape ni banyak kat sini, tak penah tengok sayang pkai pun?" Before he continues nagging I closed the drawers and explains to him what it is all about =D Foot note: Don't you ever try to hide anything from your husband, he'll find out sooner or later!

Those were actually the I-don't-want-it-anymore and it-seems-outdated-now clothes of mine. I have been loading piece by piece of the unwanted dresses since months ago. And I think it's about time to channel them to a different possessor. Usually I'll bring them back to my hometown and me momma will offer them to the poor families and orphanage centers but since the Corp. Comm. is handling almost the same event now, I should just pass my clothes to them.

It's such a good feeling.. To be able to donate something to someone who needs it, and to witness such a clean and clear drawer!


  1. same goes to outdated clothes is more than wat i can still wear..

  2. i bet all ladies are the same. heheh

  3. hi there..
    same here..baju2 lame sume wat blk kg so that my mom bleh bagi kat org kg..:)

  4. survey punye survey.. ooo cinta hati encik jemer ke ni. hehe. nt kalo free ikut la jemer men futsal. ada rezki leh jumpe =)

    haah kn, dr sakit mata tgk almari tu tersusun bju2 tp x pkai pn baik la bg kt org kn..

  5. hi lisa..
    baru nk smbg bace blog lisa..but..wahh lisa knal jeme? satu ofis ek..wee xsangkanye..

    sy bc blog asnacute..tgk2 blogger list i click anecdotes..what a nice nk bc lagi ;p

    mm..ikut jeme men futsal?lisa pun men ke?

    see dh pnjg tulis hehe..nway so very nice blog lisa..keep it up ;)

  6. jap.. nk pgil ape ni. dania eh?

    eh x bukan opismet. hubby lisa unimate n ofismet jeme. start knal jeme masa mula2 knal hubby lisa lg. lisa x men futsal, tp hubby salu ajak teman die pg futsal court tu. (manja sikit di situ, hihi)

    mula2 xtau jgk sape, tp baca2 td ada part wedding butet n najwa, pstu tgh further study. jeme ada bgtau time tournament futsal aritu wife die further study. haa sah la wifey jeme ni. hehe. what a small world kn!

    nice to meet u here! =)

  7. mm..pgil a..i prefer my fren to call me a (are) sbnarnye..hihi..daniadanis tu nama pena (kunun2) saje..nama sebenar adani..:)

    oo dh lame jgk la lisa knal jeme..hope one day ade rezeki leh jumpe..sweetnye salu teman hubby futsal :) are xpnh ikut jeme g pun br pindah KL bln 12 hari tu..nway little faheem is soooooo damn cute..geram are tgk..

    yup yup nice to meet you too lisa! :)



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