Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Singapore Number Plate

Guys will always be guys no matter what..

Nice intro huh? =D Last Sunday both of us went out for Jusco to re-stock some groceries. Dear Faheem has just recovered from fever so I thought he should just stay at home. After all it's just a one hour grocery shopping.

But it turned out? Dear hubby took me to a car accessory shop. Err.. There were numerous shop lot that are selling almost the same thing like sport rims, car stickers, audio system, car seats and all. Lucky us that we just had out lunch and this happy tummy just followed Mr Man wherever he steps to.. From one to another shop. He should be grateful for having me as his wifey right! Heheh..

"You mau yang ada longkang atau takmau longkang?
Ada longkang sporty sikit meh.."

Me myself got so excited seeing those sporty rims too and there's one that both of us really fond of. But we decided Not Now! This tiny family still have so many things to sustain in our life now. With the future kid coming by this year? Opps! =) Moreover our ride isn't that sporty type of vehicle. It's a family car. I don't think sporty rims would fit him.

Spot the Singapore-type number plate?

But we managed to change the number plate! Gosh he's so happy with it, seriously. We have been adoring the Singapore-like number plate all this while. It looks smart and elegant I really have to say. Bia pape asay begaye kan.. Haha.. =D Enough of this honey, our 2011 resolution is? THRIFTY! That's the word.. Lets continue the prudent spending mission! (Oh I really hope so!)

Tauke is measuring the plate to get a perfect cut!


  1. jeng jeng jengggggg.. next baby? dah ada ekkk~

  2. hehe.. lom lg la ummi. plan2 nye nk preggy this year. tp bnyk bnde nk kene fikirkan. risau jgk takut effect keje lg mcm dlu. tp tu kalau pk singkat la. kalau pk pjg bnyk rahmat yg akan dtg tanpa kite sedar kn? kwn2 akak pn rmai tgh preggy 2nd child ni. teringin nye tuhan saje yg tahu. hardest decision ever la asna. hukk.. pjg pulak berhujah nye..

  3. lisa aku pn asalnya plan this year. nak sgt! tp nmpknya mmg dh xsempat. jmpa papa ihsan nnt pn dh march. makanya alang2 aku target by end of dec next year's ihsan dah boleh la main2 dgn adik dia. haih lambatnya hihi.

  4. itula.. pening pk when is the right month to conceive this year. mentally, physically, spritually da ready ni. tp ada few things that keep on mingling in my mind. hubby pn salu duk ulang faheem tu tahun ni da 2yrs. elok2 la kalo msk skolah nt die bleh take care adik die. parents faheem pn umur da reaching 30s ni.. hmm

  5. haaaaaa.......... cam ada harapan dah tu tak lama lagi yer faheem.. hehe

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