Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sippy Cup and Baby Tooth Brush

Finally Faheem has these! A sapphire blue sippy cup and a cutie silicone finger tooth brush =) I've been planning to get those since last month but always ended by keeping them KIVed in the to-buy-list. Until one day, during Faheem's Birthday Party I saw baby Zidane (he's 2 weeks younger than Faheem) using the sippy cup. He drank the plain water through it. I was like.. Oh how nice! Babies love new stuffs and having drinks via the not-the-ordinary bottles must be exciting for them. Err.. Don't they?

Why I opt for a sippy cup? To train Faheem to hold the bottle by himself (feed by himself) and to transition from bottle feeding to the regular cup. He's one year old now but there's no sign of him wanting to hold the bottle himself. Few mommies urged this as normal. Some babies get interested to hold by themselves as early as 5 months and few of them take times to get used to it. But that issue is somehow a mandatory for me. I want him to hold the bottle! Haha.. Sounds so cruel huh? =D

And to our surprise, he loves the sippy cup! It's such a relieved to see him drinking the plain water all by himself. And he get so excited doing so. Crawling from here to there with the sippy cup in hand and take a break for a drink anytime as he wish. Dapat toys baru pun tak happy macam tu ok =) Thank you Faheem for making it a reality and most of all thank you for making mama so happy! Tomorrow I'll definitely get the Avent trainer handle! Hopefully he'll love to grip the blue handle while having his yummy milk.

But still, handling a toddler needs so much of patience. Once in a while he'll happily pours the water to the floor (to the carpets too!) and sweep it with his cutie hands while smiling broadly and screams his heart out when I tried to get the sippy cup from him. Hehe. What ever sweetie as long as you drink it ok. Smooches!

Since Faheem is using Avent bottles, I've thought of just getting the Avent's spout at first. But dear husband reminds me that this is actually a trial phase and we never know if he wants to use it or not. So I switched to the cheaper ones with a snap-on-lid. Sume barang naik harga so marilah kita berbelanja dengan berhemah. Well if it happens to be that he doesn't like the sippy cup, it makes a fun toy too!

Whilst the tiny toothbrush? I'm longing to have one since Faheem started teething at 8 months old. Currently he has 6 of them, four on top and the rest on the bottom. And he's eating everything from bread to beef nowadays. I don't have any idea how effective is this silicone tooth brush.. But at least, we brushed his teeth =)


  1. Zidane pon suka tumpahkan air. itu ialah kebahagiaan beliau okay!

  2. hahaha.. faheem ni kdg2 die buat snyp je minum sorg2. behave je duk setempat. ble gi cek, rupenye habes basah baju suo!

  3. panda ngat cakak ganu! kemah kemah.. :p

  4. abah aiman belikan sippy cup ni utk aiman mase umur first as a mum kite plak yg tekejut..pandai ke die hisap?tapi sib baik mulut cup tu dari getah so die boleh hisap cam puting..hehe..
    senang nak nk brush gigi faheem?blm ade experience, nk blaja..hehe

  5. oh yeke. bagusnye! hopefully esk2 nk msk tadika ke ape xdela drg asik nk bwk botol je kn. hehe

    memberus gigi anak kecil memerlukan daya juang yg sgt tinggi! haha. mmg kne bnyk saba la ainul. kdg die nk gigit silicone tu (of course gigit jari kita la kn) kdg tu die ngamuk sbb die nk main dgn botol2 syampu, shower etc tp kte sibuk nk main gigi die. heheh =D



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