Friday, February 25, 2011

Should I give my son supplement / vitamins?

Faheem is having flu once again since 3 days ago. This is the second time he falls sick ever since he reached his toddler hood 2 months back. And this has given me headaches since then. Faheem was a healthy and active boy throughout his infant hood journey. He catch a fever or flu once in a blue moon. And he never experience coughing, until 3 days ago.

Was it due to the milk? Well Faheem and I started weaning when he began teething at 9 months old. He refuses breast milk and I'm giving him Enfalac A+ since then. Upon his first birthday I switched to Pediasure. I'm choosing Enfalac A+ by a recommendation from a nurse at Prince Court while Pediasure was recommended by my office mate. His wife is a doctor and according to her Pediasure is the best and complete diet formula.

If the formula is such an excellent source for my baby (best seller in Taiwan and Singapore) why does my little boy falls sick? Oh my, you are talking rubbish Lisa! Sesungguhnya sakit itu datang daripada Allah untuk memupuk sifat sabar dalam diri kita dan itu merupakan cara paling mudah untuk kita menambah ibadah kepada Nya, redha-sabar-usaha-banyakkan berdoa. In fact every homo sapiens falls sick all the way through their life, my dear Lisa!

I'm sorry, I'm just too exhausted when Faheem was down with sickness. I had a very limited quality hours of sleep for 3 nights in a row that resulted myself is on medical leave today. Well Faheem is behaving as usual during the day. He climbs, he walks, he eats a lot despite the running nose, he plays with his toys (and non toys), he have his medicine with no hassle (he loves the syrup) and he socialize well with the neighboring kids every morning and afternoon. The only hard time I face is when he's having difficulties in breathing during night due to the stuffy nose. I wish I can teach him how to blow! =(

Oopss.. Wait! Maybe it's because of the kids? Well the kids (most of them primary schools') love to cuddle and kiss Faheem when ever Faheem went to the playground or swimming pool. Maybe the virus was being transmitted by them. Who knows? Or is it my little one's antibody isn't fighting aggressively as it should? And finally it comes to mind, should I provide him with daily supplements or vitamins?

I searched about it and found this article from Babycenter. It was a very long one and I'm sure nobody wants to read it. Hehe =D I wish to list down the important phrase for your reading pleasure but me myself wasn't that rajin to do that either. Haha. Just click the hover link please =) From my reading, supplements are best given only to babies who's facing eating problems or insufficient milk intake. There's no statements referring to the unwell kids or kids falling sick every now and then. So I guess Faheem doesn't need them? Ok.

What should I do now:
  1. Make sure Faheem's every day menu full of various vegetables (and he eats it!)
  2. Advise the babysitter not let the neighboring kids kissing my son frequently. Kejam tak?
  3. Makes him drink plain water as much as he can during the day.
That are the only ways I can think of as now.
Hopefully it works, InsyaAllah!
Speedy recovery my love!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair!

Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair is back and kicking guys! Don't miss the discounted domestic and international air tickets range from economy to business class. The booking period is only valid from 21-28 February 2011. Wait no more! Hee.. =) Me myself is currently eyeing for a trip to Bandung this year. I need a shopping spree, shopping therapy, bargaining activity (you name it!) Why Bandung? Simply because of the cheap Rupiah, the numerous factory outlets and there are so many Malaysians who have been there and they actually blogs about it. So it would be a lot easier for us to find informative tips during our stay. ON Bandung!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I miss traveling (so very much). I miss white powdery beaches. I miss shopping therapy! I miss the sea breeze. I miss my travel tale. I miss the green lush forest. I miss the happy moment (for being far away from the city) with Mr Man & Little Man.

Europe tour here we come!
Yeahh.. I'm full of myself, full stop.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anniversary and Pinky Baby-G

I need a suitable watch (durable and resilient) for out door usage, especially while traveling. Currently I'm using the Tissot - Fabulous Garden Lady in every occasion, be it night or day. And it started to gain few unwanted snaky lines every here and there. It's indeed heart wrenching to witness your wedding reminiscence no more in it's best condition the way you hold it for the first time years back.. =/

The idea popped up when dear husband himself asked me what I really want for our second anniversary this year. "Nak Pinky Baby-G?" And I can't stop thinking about it since then. Hehe. But I want to purchase it by my own. He had spent a lot all this while especially when the little miracle came to our life. Though it's his responsibility, rasa kesian jugak sometimes. After all it's just a few hundred (shopping mode, dua tanduk semakin panjang nampaknya..)

Well before this I need to spare few hundreds per month for my Swift, but no longer this year since cutie Swifie has a new owner at Mont Kiara. You had lost something so you ought to get something else right? Hehehe..

Kawai or not? But too girlish for me I guess. No?

This one is better, nampak heavy duty sikit. But a bit boyish lah..

Ahaaa.. this one looks nice. Simple and sweet =)
Hopefully it is currently in Malaysian market!

By the way my husband owns a G-Shock Mudman. He's been using it since 3 years ago and it functions very well until now. He changed the battery only once which was end of last year. The Mudman is his loyal companion during the sporting/water events, traveling and of course, when he's in service at the oil rig. Cool huh? The mud colored hard-wearing and nasty-look strap.. Looks valiant and smart at the same time!

Ok now where to find a watch retailer with super-good price?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Learn to Swim or Thistle Port Dickson? You pick..

I get so upset reading this article =( It's an introductory swimming showcase for little kids held by CHi Fitness this coming March. And why is that? Simply because I have already booked a Deluxe King Room at The Thistle Port Dickson (during that said event) in celebration of our second anniversary of happily living together! Why oh why both events fall on the same date..

The only picture I had with Faheem in the swimming pool..
Taken during our holiday at Taj Rebak Island Resort, Langkawi last year.

I have always wanted Faheem to learn how to swim. Though he's just 14months. I know his papa can be his greatest coach of all time. But does he really knows how to train a baby? I mean a toddler? Though you can swim perfectly doesn't mean you can teach a baby. Err.. Am I underestimating my very own sportsaholic husband? Oh I'm so not sayang!

It just comes to mind that, a teacher is the one that should do the teaching.
It does make sense right?

I called him just now to ask weather I should postpone the hotel booking to the other weekend (tapi da macam tak best la kan, tak anniversary sangat la giteww) but he was so busy with meetings after meetings today. Ok then, as usual the discussion will takes place during our ride of heading home in the next 2 hours time. What ever it is, I'm sure the outcome will be the best for the three of us. Oh weekend's coming loves! TGIF..

Introductory Swimming Showcase for Small Kids.

There will be a Lil' Swimmers introductory showcase on March 12 from 10-11am at CHi Fitness at PJ Trade Centre, No 8 Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

It is open to children from six months to five and a half years old. The introductory showcase is free. Thereafter, parents can register their children for classes on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 4.30-6pm. The fee is RM200 a month per child.

For more information, go to!/event.php?eid=160880913963338 or call trainer Bryan Yap at (012) 317-2031.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How witty can your son be?

I'm facing a topsy-turvy Thursday today. It happens due to the training session that I'll be presenting and coordinating for approximately 100 people this coming Monday. I was on a long holiday during CNY (nine days out of office to be exact) and I simply forgot to bring the training material with me? My bad. It's just a piece of pen-drive Lisa. You can just flip it in your purse for god sake. Ok, stop swearing. I've admitted it was my very own mistake for not meticulously planned the whole thing (I was just too excited to be back at my hometown, most probably). Things happened so lets face the upcoming event seriously now.

Oops.. I'm not going to babble about office stuffs in my blog! Way no way.. It's lunch hours and it's so much pleasure to witness these witty faces of our darling (not to be forgotten hyper active) little guy. Thanks for making up momma's day Faheem! Smooches.. =)

This is what we called.. khiput-ness.
My family knows better =D

There's a playground right there papa!
Menjeling menjeling ku bertentang.. ~

My new hobby, hide and seek under the clothes rack!
But papa always catch me within seconds. Haha =D

Ahh.. Finally there's a total peace and serenity during the day.. =)

Thursday thought : Whenever you are feeling down, quickly browse the pictures of your charming little ones. You'll be amazed and refreshed in a blink of an eye! Ok I'm cool now, lets started brainstorming back again. Yehaaa..!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finding the right children's wardrobe at Ikea

Faheem Darwish has briskly grown up. Wait, I should put it this way. Faheem is a toddler now.. The bigger he became the more clothes he had. To the extend that his current blue basket no longer fit all his bajus?! The quadruplet tower even falls down to the floor few times now and that cheeky owner happily jumble the collapse barbican whenever he witness it. Hum.. Something ought to be done now - He's in need of his very own closet!

Off topic No.1 : These are the sinfully appetizing meals we had before jump-start the shopping activity. There are 4 of us: Faheem's parents, my little sister and the babysitter. Faheem was there too but he went into the never-ending dreamland just when his auntie suggested Swedish meatball (so called post lunch) at Ikea Restaurant (her treat some more) Gracias sista!

Off topic No.2 : The happy family! =)

Ok back to the main topic here. And so we went to Mutiara Damansara the other day to purchase few things.. a new quilt & pillow covers, a new stainless steel pot with lid and those stuffs that you simply grab grab and grab maliciously when you step into Ikea (Don't tell me you are not! =p). Well one of the the current pot that we've been using all this while (it's the wedding gift) is no longer safe to be used. The inside lining has degraded and oxidized! I don't really blame the pot though. This is considered normal with FREE stuffs right? No hard feelings!

The BIBBI SN quilt cover, the SNITSIG pot and the LUSY BLOM cushion that I managed to grab before that dear husband started nagging. Ngeee.. =D

Oh the bed sheet? Well we received almost 15 of them as wedding present years back, unfortunately only a few of them can be fully utilized. Reason being: Some of them are king-size but we're actually using a queen-size bed frame. While few numbers are indeed queen-size but we simply can't make good use of them either given that our mattress is an addiction of few inches thicker than the ordinary queen-size, so they just can't fit (properly) the poor mattress neither! Sigh..

These are few extremely cute children closets that I found. It's quite pricey but the product design is beyond delightful-ness. I guess mommies out there do feel the same way too aight! Among the rest, this turquoise Mammut down here is the one that I've really fall into. Despite the sweet physical feature, the price is somehow affordable compare to others. Oh I want this please..

Should I get it now or have a little patience for the next festive sale?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MMRV Vaccination at 13 Months

The routine check up plus vaccination has come again after a few months of gap. MMRV was actually scheduled when the little gentleman celebrated his first birthday but the nurses advised us to make it on his 13 months gestational day. I'm not sure for what ever reason it was (since the conversation was made through the lines and both of us were actually tied up with work that time so we just agreed without questioning much).

MMRV is a vaccine in protecting children against Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella. This vaccine is compulsory and being included in the Malaysian Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) since 2002. It is given to children in two doses, once at 12 months and the second injection at 7 years of age.

You may also read an informative article titled MMRV Vaccination Provides Triple Shielding for Children by The Star.

This is heavenly indeed mama!!

The appoinment was at 2.45pm at Prince Court Medical Center but we only managed to consult Faheem's pead around 4.45pm. Sigh.. This was the second time we had to wait for almost 2 hours to get Faheem vaccinated. I do understand that sometimes his pead needs to rush to the OT or labour room if there's a case that needs her high attention or eventually there's a major problem with the kid that's meeting her that day or what so ever the consequences are but having to wait for 120 minutes is so annoying!

I wonder if he would like to have these in-house.
Err.. Tunggu papa mama beli Casa Rimba dulu ye Faheem! Aminnn..

Lucky us that the little kiddo has started to walk now. He enjoys every pavements and every rooms and every hand rails available. And when his turn came, he just can't get enough of the toys in Dr. Anna's room! He behaved so well, seriously. He got so excited with his own favorite things while papa and mama can continue the consultation with full ease.

"Hello friends.. Meet my cool parents!" Said Faheem with his favorite pose =D

Though he's started to refuse his meals ever since he was down with fever few weeks back, his height and weight are standing still on the normal lines. Alhamdulillah.. There's no picture taken during he was being injected, like I always did. He's a toddler now and I need to hold him firmly on my lap while Dr. Anna is doing her job. The needle poked underneath his skin just before the muscles. He screams his heart out for 2 seconds and continues playing the colourful toys back again. Heheh.. =D He screams merely not because of the pain, but he hates being strangled by adults!

Our dear Faheem at the main lobby. He loves echo so much nowadays. He just shouts continuously whenever he realizes the place echoes his voice! Haha.. Next appointment is in the next 5 months. Get ready my boy!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Vanilla Muffins and fellow neighbors

Feels like updating my over joyed nine days of holiday at my home sweetest home, Kuala Terengganu but I found this picture in my phone just now. How a piece of picture may salivates you during lunch hour's huh? *Lapaaa!

The yummy vanilla muffins!
We got plenty of them actually.
But only this few pieces I managed to captured by phone =D

Well these are vanilla muffins given by none other than the most wonderful neighbor! Hehe.. Mind you exaggerating is my middle name =p Mommy Niyaz Khan, thank you very much! And guess what? I've been longing for Kenny Rogers muffins for weeks before that! Alhamdulillah.. Ada jiran hantar kat rumah lagik =) Da la banyak, sedap pulak!

Kuddos again Niyaz parents. Hopefully spaghetti bolognaise yang berbalas tu sedap jugak untuk korang bertiga. Hehe.. By the way, this is the recipe for Vanilla Muffin. Well in case I wish to make my own some day. It looks easy weesy to make a fine one! Well according to the instructions and the testimonials written la :p


1 cup sugar
1 egg beaten
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 cup milk
1/4 cup melted butter
2 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1 1/2 teaspoons sugar
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

  1. Combine sugar and egg, beat well. Combine flour and baking powder. Add to sugar mixture, alternately with the milk, beginning and ending with the flour mixture, beating well after each addition. Stir in butter and vanilla. Spoon into greased muffin pans, filling 2/3 full.
  2. Combine sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle evenly over muffins.
  3. Bake at 375'F for 15-20 minutes. Recipe:
This +/- 35 minutes preparation for a tasty tea meal may serve up to 12 piece of muffins. Interesting enough! First thing first, get a microwave oven Lisa! Haha.. Shopping lagik..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Faheem's first Papayayas

Tada! Do you find this super cute? Oh I really do!! =) Introducing you Faheem's latest (belated) birthday present from auntie Baiti, mama's ex schoolmate. It's Papayayas soft sole shoes for toddler. The first full leather pre-walking shoes for Faheem. TQ auntie Baiti Jannati! =p

Cutie pie!

The shoes were indeed very comfy. It was hand-made by the way. There's a rubber string at the ankle so it firmly fits the tiny feet and Faheem can't pull it away like he always did! Heheh.. And to mama's surprise, the little man loves it too. I tried to put it on at home and he never tries to get rid of them! Though at times he just can't get enough of the cuteness at his feet and bite them innocently (like he always did too!).

I highly recommend Papayayas to all the cutie toddlers under two! Why?
  1. The soft flexible sole and wide toe-box. They provide extra comfort and plenty of room for the tiny toes to wiggle.
  2. It is skid resistant. The textured suede leather sole simply prevents slipping. Our house isn't fully covered with carpets or rugs or wooden flooring so this feature is the best for my boy.
  3. Lightweight! Pre-walking made easy =)
  4. Secure. As I mentioned above, the elastic ankle system allows easy slip-on and ensure the shoe stays on.
  5. Durability. Papayayas was made from high quality hard-wearing natural leather.
I love it auntie Baiti, thank you! =)

Since Faheem has got a new pair of shoes now, I guess we should just postpone his Timberland toddler shoes as what momma has been eying for last week. Berjimat cermat amalan mulia kan? =p (I guess his papa must be in total relief while reading this part, well this significant part only, ngeee...)

Well I'm blogging from my home sweet home at Kuala Terengganu now. Hello world, I'm on leave for NINE days!! Many thanks to the Federal Constitution Day and Chinese New Year Celebration. We just love public holidays don't you! Hehe.. =D The monsoon has come to an end and I'm so in love with the current weather! It's sharp 12pm but I just can't can't enough of the cool breeze and the clear blue sky. And for god sake our home is just a few meters away from the sandy beach? Ahh bliss again. Alhamdulillah..

To all Chinese readers out there,
I wish you Happy New Year and may life always holds the best for you.
Gong Xi Fa Chai.. Prosper everyone!=)


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