Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anniversary and Pinky Baby-G

I need a suitable watch (durable and resilient) for out door usage, especially while traveling. Currently I'm using the Tissot - Fabulous Garden Lady in every occasion, be it night or day. And it started to gain few unwanted snaky lines every here and there. It's indeed heart wrenching to witness your wedding reminiscence no more in it's best condition the way you hold it for the first time years back.. =/

The idea popped up when dear husband himself asked me what I really want for our second anniversary this year. "Nak Pinky Baby-G?" And I can't stop thinking about it since then. Hehe. But I want to purchase it by my own. He had spent a lot all this while especially when the little miracle came to our life. Though it's his responsibility, rasa kesian jugak sometimes. After all it's just a few hundred (shopping mode, dua tanduk semakin panjang nampaknya..)

Well before this I need to spare few hundreds per month for my Swift, but no longer this year since cutie Swifie has a new owner at Mont Kiara. You had lost something so you ought to get something else right? Hehehe..

Kawai or not? But too girlish for me I guess. No?

This one is better, nampak heavy duty sikit. But a bit boyish lah..

Ahaaa.. this one looks nice. Simple and sweet =)
Hopefully it is currently in Malaysian market!

By the way my husband owns a G-Shock Mudman. He's been using it since 3 years ago and it functions very well until now. He changed the battery only once which was end of last year. The Mudman is his loyal companion during the sporting/water events, traveling and of course, when he's in service at the oil rig. Cool huh? The mud colored hard-wearing and nasty-look strap.. Looks valiant and smart at the same time!

Ok now where to find a watch retailer with super-good price?

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