Thursday, February 3, 2011

Faheem's first Papayayas

Tada! Do you find this super cute? Oh I really do!! =) Introducing you Faheem's latest (belated) birthday present from auntie Baiti, mama's ex schoolmate. It's Papayayas soft sole shoes for toddler. The first full leather pre-walking shoes for Faheem. TQ auntie Baiti Jannati! =p

Cutie pie!

The shoes were indeed very comfy. It was hand-made by the way. There's a rubber string at the ankle so it firmly fits the tiny feet and Faheem can't pull it away like he always did! Heheh.. And to mama's surprise, the little man loves it too. I tried to put it on at home and he never tries to get rid of them! Though at times he just can't get enough of the cuteness at his feet and bite them innocently (like he always did too!).

I highly recommend Papayayas to all the cutie toddlers under two! Why?
  1. The soft flexible sole and wide toe-box. They provide extra comfort and plenty of room for the tiny toes to wiggle.
  2. It is skid resistant. The textured suede leather sole simply prevents slipping. Our house isn't fully covered with carpets or rugs or wooden flooring so this feature is the best for my boy.
  3. Lightweight! Pre-walking made easy =)
  4. Secure. As I mentioned above, the elastic ankle system allows easy slip-on and ensure the shoe stays on.
  5. Durability. Papayayas was made from high quality hard-wearing natural leather.
I love it auntie Baiti, thank you! =)

Since Faheem has got a new pair of shoes now, I guess we should just postpone his Timberland toddler shoes as what momma has been eying for last week. Berjimat cermat amalan mulia kan? =p (I guess his papa must be in total relief while reading this part, well this significant part only, ngeee...)

Well I'm blogging from my home sweet home at Kuala Terengganu now. Hello world, I'm on leave for NINE days!! Many thanks to the Federal Constitution Day and Chinese New Year Celebration. We just love public holidays don't you! Hehe.. =D The monsoon has come to an end and I'm so in love with the current weather! It's sharp 12pm but I just can't can't enough of the cool breeze and the clear blue sky. And for god sake our home is just a few meters away from the sandy beach? Ahh bliss again. Alhamdulillah..

To all Chinese readers out there,
I wish you Happy New Year and may life always holds the best for you.
Gong Xi Fa Chai.. Prosper everyone!=)



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