Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finding the right children's wardrobe at Ikea

Faheem Darwish has briskly grown up. Wait, I should put it this way. Faheem is a toddler now.. The bigger he became the more clothes he had. To the extend that his current blue basket no longer fit all his bajus?! The quadruplet tower even falls down to the floor few times now and that cheeky owner happily jumble the collapse barbican whenever he witness it. Hum.. Something ought to be done now - He's in need of his very own closet!

Off topic No.1 : These are the sinfully appetizing meals we had before jump-start the shopping activity. There are 4 of us: Faheem's parents, my little sister and the babysitter. Faheem was there too but he went into the never-ending dreamland just when his auntie suggested Swedish meatball (so called post lunch) at Ikea Restaurant (her treat some more) Gracias sista!

Off topic No.2 : The happy family! =)

Ok back to the main topic here. And so we went to Mutiara Damansara the other day to purchase few things.. a new quilt & pillow covers, a new stainless steel pot with lid and those stuffs that you simply grab grab and grab maliciously when you step into Ikea (Don't tell me you are not! =p). Well one of the the current pot that we've been using all this while (it's the wedding gift) is no longer safe to be used. The inside lining has degraded and oxidized! I don't really blame the pot though. This is considered normal with FREE stuffs right? No hard feelings!

The BIBBI SN quilt cover, the SNITSIG pot and the LUSY BLOM cushion that I managed to grab before that dear husband started nagging. Ngeee.. =D

Oh the bed sheet? Well we received almost 15 of them as wedding present years back, unfortunately only a few of them can be fully utilized. Reason being: Some of them are king-size but we're actually using a queen-size bed frame. While few numbers are indeed queen-size but we simply can't make good use of them either given that our mattress is an addiction of few inches thicker than the ordinary queen-size, so they just can't fit (properly) the poor mattress neither! Sigh..

These are few extremely cute children closets that I found. It's quite pricey but the product design is beyond delightful-ness. I guess mommies out there do feel the same way too aight! Among the rest, this turquoise Mammut down here is the one that I've really fall into. Despite the sweet physical feature, the price is somehow affordable compare to others. Oh I want this please..

Should I get it now or have a little patience for the next festive sale?


  1. alamak..terliur tgk meat balls and daim cake tu..

    btw babe..i ada buat promotion puzzle sets for faheem..jom terjah

  2. kan.. rasa nak pegi lagik weken ni =D
    puzzle sets?! baiklah akan ku terjah sekarang!

  3. ya ammpuuunnnnn..super cute super cute super cute..grab it grab it grab it..hehehe..

  4. are are! (comel kn pgil 2x cmtu.. heee) itula, cute sgt2 kn =) kalo mama faheem dpt rezki lebih sikit march ni insyaAllah nk angkut trus la pakcik Mammut tu. amin amin..

  5. cuteness! i like the one in the third pic and also the one below yang u nak beli tu..maybe u should wait for the festive sale...tapi kalau dah tak sabar beli ja lah! heheheh


  6. the 3rd one tu cost u 700 plus tau! mau pingsan makkk.. heheh.. thanx for the advice, i guess papa faheem would suggest the same advice too =D



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