Thursday, February 17, 2011

How witty can your son be?

I'm facing a topsy-turvy Thursday today. It happens due to the training session that I'll be presenting and coordinating for approximately 100 people this coming Monday. I was on a long holiday during CNY (nine days out of office to be exact) and I simply forgot to bring the training material with me? My bad. It's just a piece of pen-drive Lisa. You can just flip it in your purse for god sake. Ok, stop swearing. I've admitted it was my very own mistake for not meticulously planned the whole thing (I was just too excited to be back at my hometown, most probably). Things happened so lets face the upcoming event seriously now.

Oops.. I'm not going to babble about office stuffs in my blog! Way no way.. It's lunch hours and it's so much pleasure to witness these witty faces of our darling (not to be forgotten hyper active) little guy. Thanks for making up momma's day Faheem! Smooches.. =)

This is what we called.. khiput-ness.
My family knows better =D

There's a playground right there papa!
Menjeling menjeling ku bertentang.. ~

My new hobby, hide and seek under the clothes rack!
But papa always catch me within seconds. Haha =D

Ahh.. Finally there's a total peace and serenity during the day.. =)

Thursday thought : Whenever you are feeling down, quickly browse the pictures of your charming little ones. You'll be amazed and refreshed in a blink of an eye! Ok I'm cool now, lets started brainstorming back again. Yehaaa..!

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