Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MMRV Vaccination at 13 Months

The routine check up plus vaccination has come again after a few months of gap. MMRV was actually scheduled when the little gentleman celebrated his first birthday but the nurses advised us to make it on his 13 months gestational day. I'm not sure for what ever reason it was (since the conversation was made through the lines and both of us were actually tied up with work that time so we just agreed without questioning much).

MMRV is a vaccine in protecting children against Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella. This vaccine is compulsory and being included in the Malaysian Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) since 2002. It is given to children in two doses, once at 12 months and the second injection at 7 years of age.

You may also read an informative article titled MMRV Vaccination Provides Triple Shielding for Children by The Star.

This is heavenly indeed mama!!

The appoinment was at 2.45pm at Prince Court Medical Center but we only managed to consult Faheem's pead around 4.45pm. Sigh.. This was the second time we had to wait for almost 2 hours to get Faheem vaccinated. I do understand that sometimes his pead needs to rush to the OT or labour room if there's a case that needs her high attention or eventually there's a major problem with the kid that's meeting her that day or what so ever the consequences are but having to wait for 120 minutes is so annoying!

I wonder if he would like to have these in-house.
Err.. Tunggu papa mama beli Casa Rimba dulu ye Faheem! Aminnn..

Lucky us that the little kiddo has started to walk now. He enjoys every pavements and every rooms and every hand rails available. And when his turn came, he just can't get enough of the toys in Dr. Anna's room! He behaved so well, seriously. He got so excited with his own favorite things while papa and mama can continue the consultation with full ease.

"Hello friends.. Meet my cool parents!" Said Faheem with his favorite pose =D

Though he's started to refuse his meals ever since he was down with fever few weeks back, his height and weight are standing still on the normal lines. Alhamdulillah.. There's no picture taken during he was being injected, like I always did. He's a toddler now and I need to hold him firmly on my lap while Dr. Anna is doing her job. The needle poked underneath his skin just before the muscles. He screams his heart out for 2 seconds and continues playing the colourful toys back again. Heheh.. =D He screams merely not because of the pain, but he hates being strangled by adults!

Our dear Faheem at the main lobby. He loves echo so much nowadays. He just shouts continuously whenever he realizes the place echoes his voice! Haha.. Next appointment is in the next 5 months. Get ready my boy!


  1. vaccination... hmmm malasnya nnt balik msia for good pening nk check blk and get ihsan vaccinated. tp malas2 pn kena buat juga mana penting sbb xsama kan jepun dgn msia. hihi papa ihsan pn penuh sebut nk blikan ihsan slide or swing. tp kt ceruk mana la nk letak dlm rumah nihon yg super comel tu :P

  2. alaa xpe. nnt ko da bc for good aku pass je buku biru faheeem tu kt ko. hehe

    itulah.. berangan bole sgt la skg ni. yg so called "quinny buzz" yg nenek faheem bg tu smpai sudah ade dlm kete lg ok? tiap kali aku suruh hubby psg blk die susah hati.. "nk letak kt mane nt?" hohoho.. kesian btol kami :p



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