Friday, February 25, 2011

Should I give my son supplement / vitamins?

Faheem is having flu once again since 3 days ago. This is the second time he falls sick ever since he reached his toddler hood 2 months back. And this has given me headaches since then. Faheem was a healthy and active boy throughout his infant hood journey. He catch a fever or flu once in a blue moon. And he never experience coughing, until 3 days ago.

Was it due to the milk? Well Faheem and I started weaning when he began teething at 9 months old. He refuses breast milk and I'm giving him Enfalac A+ since then. Upon his first birthday I switched to Pediasure. I'm choosing Enfalac A+ by a recommendation from a nurse at Prince Court while Pediasure was recommended by my office mate. His wife is a doctor and according to her Pediasure is the best and complete diet formula.

If the formula is such an excellent source for my baby (best seller in Taiwan and Singapore) why does my little boy falls sick? Oh my, you are talking rubbish Lisa! Sesungguhnya sakit itu datang daripada Allah untuk memupuk sifat sabar dalam diri kita dan itu merupakan cara paling mudah untuk kita menambah ibadah kepada Nya, redha-sabar-usaha-banyakkan berdoa. In fact every homo sapiens falls sick all the way through their life, my dear Lisa!

I'm sorry, I'm just too exhausted when Faheem was down with sickness. I had a very limited quality hours of sleep for 3 nights in a row that resulted myself is on medical leave today. Well Faheem is behaving as usual during the day. He climbs, he walks, he eats a lot despite the running nose, he plays with his toys (and non toys), he have his medicine with no hassle (he loves the syrup) and he socialize well with the neighboring kids every morning and afternoon. The only hard time I face is when he's having difficulties in breathing during night due to the stuffy nose. I wish I can teach him how to blow! =(

Oopss.. Wait! Maybe it's because of the kids? Well the kids (most of them primary schools') love to cuddle and kiss Faheem when ever Faheem went to the playground or swimming pool. Maybe the virus was being transmitted by them. Who knows? Or is it my little one's antibody isn't fighting aggressively as it should? And finally it comes to mind, should I provide him with daily supplements or vitamins?

I searched about it and found this article from Babycenter. It was a very long one and I'm sure nobody wants to read it. Hehe =D I wish to list down the important phrase for your reading pleasure but me myself wasn't that rajin to do that either. Haha. Just click the hover link please =) From my reading, supplements are best given only to babies who's facing eating problems or insufficient milk intake. There's no statements referring to the unwell kids or kids falling sick every now and then. So I guess Faheem doesn't need them? Ok.

What should I do now:
  1. Make sure Faheem's every day menu full of various vegetables (and he eats it!)
  2. Advise the babysitter not let the neighboring kids kissing my son frequently. Kejam tak?
  3. Makes him drink plain water as much as he can during the day.
That are the only ways I can think of as now.
Hopefully it works, InsyaAllah!
Speedy recovery my love!


  1. lisa..rasenye the 3rd one is the best for now..are ade spupu baru masuk 2 thn last week..smpi skang suke sgt minum air jejuk/air masyak (plain water hehe)..selang main die akn mintak air jejuk and he looks so why not train faheem camtu..

    hehe pinjam experience org to be shared..

  2. yup2. plain water is crucial for every human being kan. the simplest way to flush all the toxins in our body. faheem ni ada masa2 die are. dolu2 die suke sgt minum air msk. nak2 dgn sippy cup biru tu. pstu skg da suke mkn roti, die kurang minum air pulak. budak berubah2 kn.. =)

    papa die mmg peminum air masak tegar. hopefully die ikut la papa die tu one day kn. hehehe

  3. i think u shud try give him the vit C babe,since dia dijaga babysitter kan.of coz ada virus dri bebudak tu terjangkit kat dia.vit C gud for immune system rite?

    *anak kita tentu kita nak dia sihat ceria kan..hehe.just opinion from me,after all it up to u la kan..cheers

  4. i've been thinking of that too la dear, lps my good friend told me that she's feeding hi son vit c. my officemate pn ada yg suggest chlorophyll. perlu eh mommy yen? hukk..

    okla, maybe i shud survey for one now. n monitor his health lps tu. hopefully anakanda sorang ni x seseme lagik nt. thanx beb!



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