Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

In support with Earth Hour this year, (that fell on last Saturday) we eagerly switching off most of the electrical appliances in our house. Leaving only the TV screen and that table lamp. Semangat tak?

Unfortunately it lasted for 20 minutes only. Since my son was drenching up his pyjama (it was so hot last weekend!) so I need to turn ON the air-cond. and my husband wanted to use his laptop. The darkness was killing his eyes so he turned the lamp ON.

We'll try again next year Earth Hour lah..
Tak pun buat Earth Hour sendiri every weekend =D


  1. hahaha.. kitorang pun sama... earth hour laa konon.. lampu ja tutup... tv 2 bijik, dgn laptop sebijik kena gak on... dgn kipas... pastu nengok laaa tv dlm gelap.. 9.25pm dah tak tahan, on jer balik semua.. hehe

  2. haha.. aku excited tutup sume lampu dgn harapan Faheem rase lain mcm dlm kegelapan dan die akan mengantuk awal. sekali die lagi excited da main dlm gelap tu!! hadoo..

    jom kte cube lg March 2012! ngeeeee...

  3. earth hour setahun skali je ke? hahaha aku rasa sgt klakar (okeh sungguh sarcastic dan nmpk sgt xamik tau pn psl earth hour). but i agree with u buat earth hour sndiri2 pn boleh in fact everyday pn boleh. marilah kiter everyday strictly elakkan pembaziran letrik.

  4. aku pn tau ada earth hour sbb discovery channel duk tunjuk energy saving tips etc for one hour that nite. kekeke. menurut apa yg aku tgk sbtu lps, earth hour will be celebrated every last saturday in March, annually. walopun susah gle to be stern with switching everything offs, but it's a good effort la kn. at least org teringat akan hal ni, and driven to do sumtin better kpd encik bumi.

    tp mmg hari2 pn cube elakkan pemaziran letrik. org kaya je x kesah baya bil mahal2 tetiap bulan. hohoho..



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