Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finally: Halal Grilled-Beef Slice!

I have always been wondering where to get myself a Halal grilled beef or chicken slice whenever I'm having meals at Burger King, A&W et cetera. I can found Chinese premises selling them in most of the shopping malls but I have never encountered even one with halal-certified plaque displayed at any supermarkets. Or maybe I have over-looked them before?

Until one day my family and I went to Alpha Angle for some grocery shopping. There's an exhibition titled Karnival Hebat SME being held at the centre court. Despite the crowds (especially at the sata and otak-otak stalls) I wasn't interested at all and went straight to Jusco but apparently my parents insisted to take a stroll at the booths and I finally found this! (Moral of the story: Never disobey your parents! Hee)

It tasted yummy! (and it's halalan toyyiba). Wee.. =D The innovative SME product is developed by HealthiLAL at Johor Bahru and it currently provides 2 types of products which are grilled slice and floss and it ranges from chicken, beef or mutton. But there's a bit of drawback I have to say, it's quite pricey! It costs me RM36 (NP RM38) for 5 slices of grilled beef! I asked the distributor why do you make it such expensive and he said it's due to the plastic wrapper. They tested various food plastic wrapper (the vacuum type) and it happens to be that only a company in Germany is producing a very high quality wrapper that makes the beef slice to last longer. So I'm paying half of the cost for the plastic and not the food itself? What ever..

Anyway, I just bought one pack to give it a try.
This will definitely add more flavor to our breakfast-in-car sandwiches every morning!

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