Tuesday, March 1, 2011

KidZania is coming to Malaysia!!

I was reading the online news today and I found this! KidZania will be opening in Malaysia in 2012 which is next year! Oh I couldn't be happier. Our beloved Faheem will be turning two by that time and he must be enjoying the place to bits! Horreyy =D

Faheem nak jadi pilot ke?
Takmaula.. Sian mama and your wifey nnt. Hukk..

I was surprised to know that there is actually a KidZania at our neighboring country, Indonesia. It is situated in the Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta. I thought Singapore would have it first in this region, as they always did.. But not for this thing? Hehehe =p Currently there are 15 KidZanias all over the world (including the under construction buildings).

KidZania was created and developed by a Mexican entrepreneur. It is themed as a child-size replica of a real city including buildings, shops and theaters as well as vehicles and pedestrians moving its street. Children aged 2 to 14 years will gain knowledge regarding the adult world, the working life and the value of money (as they pay for goods and services with KidZania currency, kidZos) by experiencing up to 70 different professions! (Read: Seventy)

A cook? "Everyone can cook!" Said Chef Guesteau..
Nahh.. I don't think so Faheem.
I'm afraid you'll be eating all the foods that you're preparing! =D

Isn't that just awesome for kids? =) Oh FYI Kidzania here in Malaysia will be having it's own seven-storey building at Mutiara Damansara just nearby The Curve for god sake. Patutla McD da takde! I'm flattered =) Well the munchkin husband hates going to few places at one time and with this thing coming? Ikea-Cineleisure-Kidzania? You know how relieved I am right? =)

A surgeon?
You will have a very limited quality hours with your kids then.. Hukk..

A judge? Err.. Ok kut. Hakim mahkamah syariah la! =p

Mesti Faheem pening nak pilih course ape bile nak masuk uni nanti kan? Haha.. We'll let you explore KidZania first and lets see which one that attracts you the most =D Macam2 lah mama kan.. Whatever it is honey. As long as you never forget the Almighty who created you, do good deeds in your everyday life and always pray to seek forgiveness from Him, then I'm the proudest mommy on earth!

Puan Lisa, mind you that your kid is 14 months plus and he can't even voice out the simple I Love You yet! =p Hahah.. I do best at day-dreaming during end of working days too! =p


  1. How bout a race car driver. wud be superb. AND famous! ngee

  2. Hi Lisa, wow i'm so impressed. Balik Msia nanti mesti masuk dalam list ni. btw, salam perkenalan. Nice blog and keep on writing :D

  3. hi zara, thanks for dropping by! :)

    itula.. i tgh sarat 2nd baby ni. lps habes pantang nnt x saba2 nk bawak Faheem pegi sane! :D

  4. oh really? congratulations :D
    lepas u habis pantang can meet up with u hehe

  5. thanks babe!
    insyaAllah, kalo xde aral ape salahnye.
    sila lah pulang ke tanah air secepat mungkin! heheh



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