Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pre-Anniversary Dinner at The Apartment, KLCC

Finally, it's the second year of blissfully living together! Alhamdulillah.. With all the bitter sweet of everyday life, both of us managed to cope them magnificently. Syukran! May the years ahead will bring us more happiness dan semoga kehidupan kami sekeluarga akan sentiasa mendapat keberkatan dan keredhaan yang Maha Esa. Aminnnn... This poem by Joanna Fuchs is dedicated to my one and only man, my companion, my someone-to-talk-to, my pillow-talk mate, my soul mate..

Another year to create,
Precious memories together,
Another year to discover,
New things to enjoy about each other,
Another year to build,
A life rich in love and laughter,
Another year to strengthen,
A marriage that defines FOREVER..

Happy anniversary my darling husband, my papa Faheem! =)

Last year we had anniversary lunch at Madam Kwan's Pavilion and this year we chose to dine in at The Apartment KLCC. People keep on posting the scrumptious baked chocolate pudding in their blogs and I'm seriously craving for it since then! Unfortunately my dear husband is never keen of any fine dining activity so I just kept shut about it..

Until two days before the anniversary, he suggested to treat his beloved wifey a pre-anniversary dinner at The Apartment! I was seriously startled.. =D Thanks hunie!

We were seated here, beside the huge window frame facing the nice chandelier.. And that's on the table was my husband's hot passion tea. Finally he says NO for Earl Grey that day! =p

A great place for a business proposal with lunch treat I guess?

This is mine, cold passion fruit.
It tasted pretty much the same as the one in Pizza Hut, but lighter..

Entrée of the day, grilled chicken wrap. It looks exactly like the one I'm having at Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine, Pavilion. But there's more vegetables at The Apartment and it served with crispy yummy chips!

And my husband? He went to The Apartment to have Nasi Kerabu! Hahaha.. Dah tekak Melayu dek non.. Nak buat lagu mana lagi.. =D The chicken drumstick was huge, the kerabu was fresh indeed and the kuah ayam percik was marvelous! Both of us were amazed! Never struck in our mind to have such a yummy Nasi Kerabu right there?

Done with entrée, we decided to have dessert outside. Kekonon nak tengok sun set? Kekeke.. Sun set la sangat tengah2 skyscrapers tu kan..

This is it!! The deliciously scorching chocolate baked pudding served with what? Vanilla ice cream babes.. The hot and cold combination made just prefect! I seriously wanna have this again and again after this!

To have this heavenly dessert in front of the fountain at the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur with quality talk taken place between a married couple who soon be celebrating their second anniversary? It was just a total bliss..

Last but not least, an orange juice for the closing ceremony. "Would you like to have some mint leaves with vanilla ice cream sayang? You may save the 'teeth brushing' tomorrow morning then.." Ngeee..

Well we're just back from 3 days of anniversary and birthday holiday (we get married on his birthday!) at Thistle Port Dickson yesterday. Got thousands of happy pictures in the digicam! Will upload them soon, err.. when I really have the time to do so!



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