Friday, March 11, 2011

Stainless Steel feeding bottles anyone?

I think I'm getting bored with same old Avent bottles. Dear Faheem is approaching 15 months and that means I've been looking at the same old nursing bottle for quite some time now. There's nothing wrong with the current bottles, physically it's ok and practically it's still functioning excellently. It's just that, I get boring and I wish to see something different. There's more interesting Weego from Lifefactory, OrganicKidz and PuraKiki available in the country now so why hesitate?

Super cutie OrganicKidz!

Harus terkejut kucen bila encik suami membaca statement di atas! Kikikik.. =D I do admit I love to spend on so many things. Be it Faheem's stuffs, hubby's garments, home deco's or even car accessories. Oh I remember 'advising' him to fit in the full-body kit to our car! It looked super nice and you love it to bits right? So it's definitely a worthily-spending.. No? Yes lahh.. =D Though I may not seem a thrifty person but I do spend wisely and I never membazir. Beli tapi tak guna? Never!

And so I'm thinking of buying another kawai stuff now, as you have guessed it correctly. A new feeding bottle for Faheem. It's not the typical BPA free plastic bottles but it's made of stainless steel people! Before this I've been eying the Weego bottles. They're made from high density glasses. Though the colorful silicone that covers the glass looked tough and pretty, I don't think it may survive a day with my energetic son. It will break to pieces, be it he slams to the floor or he tries to shake it (like we did) and he mistakenly loose grip of the Weego by then. So it's simply NO.

Weego bottles

Then here comes the botol besi! Bukan dari bijih besi semata2, tapi diperbuat daripada keluli tahan karat atau pun stainless steel. Heavy? That struck into my minds too those days but it would never be a hit to mommies if it is designed such way right? It is lightweight. "How to see the water level?" Finally the most awaited question by dear husband. No worries! There's volume marking inside the lid for OrganizKidz and there's ounce numbers raised inside the bottle itself for PuraKiki. Just a bit of hassle la that part. Tapi mak tak kesah pon.. Ngeee..

Other criterias that make me falls with that stainless steel bottle are: It's crafted from safe, anti-bacterial #304 stainless steel (the same material used in milk pasteurization for years), it's compatible with most narrow neck nipples and spouts, the products are packaged in environmental friendly recycle cardboard (I'm a green momma! heh), the paint outside the bottle is a non toxic and free of lead, phthalates, PVC & BPA and lastly yes, the fun colors! =)

I've told beloved hubby regarding this and he laughs. That means NO. Sigh.. I'll purchase it with my very own money and not the platinum card of yours! Hukk.. =( But I'll never loose hope, the cutie bottle will have a life time guarantee, it's super safe and it can always be hands down to Faheem's little brothers and sisters, InsyaAllah. There's no membazir issue and I'm sure he'll give the green light soon. Kan sayang kan?? Hugsy! =)

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  1. hey pls tell me from where u get these bottles in kl
    take care

  2. hi neela, u may visit this website they hv various kind of bottles.. =)

  3. hi
    thanks for the reply. we must buy through online.....cannot find shops in it
    take care

  4. yup. it's very hard to find baby shops selling them. but buying on-line is a good option too. hassle free! less traffic jam.. Hhehehe



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