Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten best things about being pregnant

So much of attention is given to the negative aspects of pregnancy, that the joys are often overlooked! Here are the top ten best things about pregnancy.

1) You get to eat more! - Dear husband treats me everything from dessert to main course every single day! And developing width is no more a big issue..

2) Cleavage - He just can't get enough of it! =p

3) No period for 9 months! - No period cramps, no pads, no mood swing..

4) People give up their seat for you - Never experience this but I can always be seated on his lap =D

5) Lots of gifts - Especially from nenek, siblings and nenek's circle of friends!

6) No more awkward silence - The pregnancy is a great conversation start, indeed

7) Glowing hair, skin and nails - A diva for 9 months

8 ) Maternity leave - Plus unpaid leaves and MCs? =D

9) Legitimate reason to go shopping! - Oh heaven!!

10) Sex - for the first time in your life you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant or trying to get pregnant – you can just enjoy sex for the fun of it! Indahnya perancangan tuhan.. =)

Source: TheAsianParent

Oh I miss being pregnant! But.. We're not sure whether we can really survive with that. At 13 months plus dear Faheem is becoming more energetic, he threw mild tantrums for the first time last weekend! and he still went to sleep very late at night, 12.30am. That leaves us very exhausted and sometimes highly de-motivated in the early morning at the office. I do believe in rezeki anak since we experienced it before but.. Do we really have the courage to handle two kids now?

For the time being we are saying NO and we make sure it is NO (though at times we're in total denial). Until when should we actually hold and wait for the second miracle to happen? I'm turning thirty (entering the 3 series title) in two years to come. I'm physiologically deteriorated in conceiving pretty much 5 years after that. And I have few personnel goals and missions that need to be achieved by then. So when? Haiyohh..


  1. Thank you very much sampath for your nice 10 very important tips.Taking Good food, especially that can help to produce healthy egg, Sex in a Missionary position, getting orgasm and sex into the right time deep into the vagina will help most to be pregnant.

    how do you get pregnant

  2. thanks for the good tips and thanks too for dropping by shaon =)



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