Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trip to Thistle Port Dickson - Part 1

I have hundreds of happy-faces pictures captured during our stay at Thistle PD but I'm just clueless which one to upload it here? Again, I'm facing the same old dilemma each time we are back from a vacation. With the internet speed that is as slow as molasses in January? Give me a break..

Anyhow, after few hours of thinking and brainstorming (ngeee...) I think I'm gonna make two or three different posts for my latest travel tale. Here comes the first part. Hope you guys enjoy it, happy reading!

On the day of departure! Hehe.. Mr cheeky guy bid farewell to our home sweetest home. We'll be back in three days time ok! =) Momma was a bit dried out that morning, as we reached home late the day before and as always, I spent hours in front of the closet, packing the right stuff for traveling. I just don't know how to pack light. Hhmm...

The co pilot in action, as always!

Our first pit stop is McD Ukay, our favorite McD outlet by the way. I have no idea, but the customers right there seem to be super friendly and full of smiles! From the elders to the teenagers and even kids. They just know how to treat everyone politely. Though every weekend mornings the outlet has always been jam packed with people, I've never face any headaches or heart-aches while socializing with them =) Definitely a great place to begin the traveling day!

Within 2 hours ride, we finally reached Thistle Port Dickson! Dan anakanda sorang ni dan2 terbaring kepenatan at the lobby couch. Penat la sangat tido dalam kereta kan. Hehe.. =D

The swimming pool view from the lobby. I remember reading reviews from TripAdvisor that mentioned the hugeness of the pool at Thistle PD. And it seriously is! There's two swimming pools for kids, 2 wading pools with slides, 1 jacuzzi! and the adult pool ranges from 1.8m to 2.0m and 2.5m depth! The sportsaholic husband just went crazy seeing that two-point-five-meters signage.. =D

The side view from the lobby. There's our room baby! =)

There're plenty of comfy sofas around the lobby area. There's also a mini bar serving soft drinks and coffees to Haagen Dazs ice creams right here. So if it happens to be that you're arriving a little bit early from check in hour, then no worries mate. You'll be seated here with pleasure..

Anniversary eve? Heee... =)

We decided to mingle around the hotel compound in order to kill time. And we found the Kids Play Room =) Dear Faheem was definitely more than excited to see the toys inside the room! Nanti mama papa bawak Faheem masuk situ k =)

I may find every single thing that has been stated in the hotel's website here! There's snooker table, foosball table, table tennis table and lots more tables! Hehehe.. Lucky us it's the first day of the school holiday and there's not much of crowds as yet. We just can't wait to be able to use all the facilities once our room is ready!

And guess what.. There's also a movie room with plenty of comfy bean bags provided just for you. But it's a NO for us. I'm afraid Faheem will disturb others and spoils their holiday mood..

Here comes the most anticipated place for the wifey, the souvenir shop. But it turned out not as I expected. Usually I may found the hotel's fridge magnet everywhere I go but not at Thistle? I thought they are running out of stock but naaah.. They just don't have it. Sedih sedikit disitu.. Sob sob. Since the kedai cenderahati was quite boring, I hurriedly pick the Thistle T-Shirt and Thistle key chain for my little sister and went out.

Dear hubby told me that he was so hungry just few minutes before check in and so we decided to have lunch at the Fresh - the hotel's restaurant. We went through the dishes and found nothing that's suitable to feed beloved Faheem. Moreover I just had heavy breakfast at McD two hours before that and I'm not in the mood of having anything. "If that so, lets check in first!" Kata encik suami =)

The room was nice.. With day bed and veranda facing the sea..
Just perfect for this tiny happy family! =)

The scenic view from the veranda..

This is just perfect to hang our soiled shirts! Hehee..

The bathroom was spacious and neat. But the water pressure was quite low. Few travelers noted this in their blogs and I'm experiencing it back then. But it was not to the extend that you have to spend hours just to perfectly clean your self. It's just that you have to turn the water tap a few times in order to get a desirable water pressure. Small matter kut?

Done with exploring the room, get the luggage organized and feeding the little guy plain bread with hash browns, we went out searching for food!

It's school holiday and you may found abundant of crowded eatery here in PD. We chose this place right away when we noticed the surf board. It's been a while I never had Pari Asam Pedas so lets kick in! Ye ye je mama ni kan.. Hikk.. Unfortunately, due to the large crowds there's only ikan tenggiri left =( Takpela, janji boleh makan.. Hukk.. And how was it?? Frankly speaking, it's just OK la for me. Rasenye kalo pakai perencah instant tu pun lagi sedap kut. Hahaa.. Tapi papa faheem suke gila.. "Sedap nyeee... Light2 je.. Baru Melaka punya asam pedas.." What ever hunie.. =D

The happy tummy then drives the family to the beach. There's plenty of beaches in PD and I just lost which one that we have visited. Heheh.. =D Beli baju bajan and keychains untuk Faheem and his babysitter and yup, that wooden massage balls! Sedap sangat ok.. It priced just RM10 for 3 bijik, haruslah angkut tiga-tiga!

Dah puas shopping dan jalan2, we went back to the hotel. Get some rest and off to the swimming pool! Ok.. I'm done with the first part of the PD adventure. Will continue the next part soon. How soon is soon? Only god knows.. Till then!


  1. Hotel nampak menarik.. Tapi PD during school holidays? Kitorang dah serik.. Huhu..

  2. asna:
    yezaaaa... sungguh seronok kami 3 branak berguling gulingan.. =D

    haha.. btul tu. tp kitorang x pg pn pantai kaler coklat tu. pool plak besa xde la sesak2 on the 2nd day tu. cuma part nk makan la. 45min tunggu mkanan smpai! haha.. but we survived =D

  3. lets plan for more n more trips my dear =)

  4. sure thing! feels like going south.. JB perhaps. nnt mama survey2 dlu k =)

  5. hi liza just came across your blog and thought of going there in dec...are there any affordable eateries nearby within walking distance as we are not driving..thks

  6. hi there, thanks for dropping by. as far as i can remember there were some chinese eateries within the walking distance. i saw few of the foreigners (mat salleh) walking by the road (heading to the restaurants i supposed). but realizing the hot and humid climate during the day, i suggest u bring the UV protection lotion and huge umbrealla with u. hope that helps.



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