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Trip to Thistle Port Dickson - Part 2

Hi loves! Here comes the second part of the Thistle travel tale. To begin with, do you know how draining it was to view, edit and segregate a total of 360 piece of pictures and to choose only few of them to stick in here? It involves hours to get it done, to get it served nicely to all my fellow readers. Yes? Good.. Then you should appreciate my effort in putting up this entry within 4 days! Hee.. =)

Done with "yummy" asam pedas luncheon and souvenir shopping at PD beach, we went back to the hotel, get changed and off to the swimming pool! Beloved Faheem was extremely in total enthusiasm once his tiny cutie toes splashes the cold water. He was kind of reluctant to use his HydroKids flotie before this but not anymore. He enjoys it to bits! He's a big boy now what.. =p He's able to paddle faster and longer and I'm no more afraid of floating in the pool momma!

Papa teach him how to float.. =)

I'm a big boy now so please stop holding my back papa! Haha.. I'm quite surprise to see how brave he was in the pool that day. He loves bathing hours since newborn, that's one thing for sure. And now he wants to walk freely in the pool all by himself? Hmm.. how time flies!

With the slippery slide some more? I still remember how the little guy screams in excitement when the water splashes on to his face and gets into his eyes and nose! =) Kenapa la pool kat rumah kita takde slide kan..

Done with the slide. Now it's the wading pool with showering rains! =D

The pool and hotel view from the wading pool.. Nice isn't it!

Now it's papa's turn! Excited sangat dapat jumpa pool 2.5m depth!

The kids pool view from the Glass Restaurant.. Mama's getting exhausted entertaining both of you. Please let me have some rest with a hot cup of earl grey and I'll continue the adventure with you guys soon after that ok. Heheh..

Dah puas bermain air, encik suami ajak bersantai ke tepian pantai pula.. Thistle owns its very own private beach and it's just a bonus for us. The sea shore was clean and there's only a few of us right there! Oh by the way, that was the first time Faheem step foot on the beach with totally bare footed! Dia tak geli pun.. Yeayyy... =D

Jangan makan batu tu faheem! Nasib baik tak sempat masuk mulut.. Pheww...

It was almost dawn by the time we're strolling back to the room. That was hubby's favorite foot reflexology plates.. I managed to walk on the thorny stones just half way through though. But Mr Man completed one full cycle while holding Faheem some more! Such a thick epidermis you have hunie! =p

Reached our room, cleaned ourselves and get ready for dinner. See how cheeky my son was.. Time papa solat la dia ngade2 nak suruh papa timang2 cat tu.. Geramnye insan kecik itu!! Err.. It's actually a puppy, but we called it a cat. It sounds better =p Oh please don't make it an issue. Rasulullah pun bagi Fatimah main patung puppy kan.. They just kids, tak mumaiyiz pun lagi..

Buah hati pengarang jantung mama & papa.. He was afraid of that Gosig little puppy during infant-hood but now? It's his best companion especially during the nap hours! Sweetie pie!! =)

Water activities with a small kid is really exhausting. Not merely just the kids, but the parents who were looking after them while they were having fun as well! At sharp 9pm we rushed out for a great meals to feed the hunger tummy. And something so miracle happened, dear Faheem fell asleep as soon as our car started moving?! Gosh.. He never behaves such way before this. He needs his milk in order to get to sleep and he never sleeps before 12am! Haha.. Penat sangat eh anak mama? Ciannn..

Since we both starving like hell so we decided to dine in at any restaurant that we came across first. But dear husband found Ummi Seafood Restaurant in his GPS was quite attractive. So we followed the route map but by the time we hit the place, there was no more fresh fish left!! Sedey sangat.. Huk.. Half-heartedly we checked in at Nisreen Songkhla Restaurant, and seriously it was jam packed with peoples and vehicles (very well expected though). But we don't mind waiting since the little boy was sleeping soundly. 45mins gone by with Facebooking and browsing the tsunami video clips on YouTube.. And siakap tiga rasa came by!! Sedap sangat murah sangat. Enough said! =)

Went back to hotel to have a good anniversary dialogue and went to sleep with happy faces and contented hearts.. =)

On the second day.. Papa's breakfast meal..

Spot the bald man behind there people!! It's Azran ape tah.. The CEO of Airasia X! At first I wasn't so sure whether that was really him or not. I don't think a person who earns living as an aircraft CEO would spent their holiday at Thistle PD?? Tapi lepas few times usha2, it came to mind yes, that's him. The broad smile, the spectacle and many people greeted him whenever he steps to.. Maybe he's visiting his parents somewhere at Negeri Sembilan and decided to bring the family to Thistle for a short trip, well it's school holiday =)

Yogurt is yummy! Mama kasi yogurt yang beli kat kedai tu tak mau. Tapi yogurt kat Thistle mau pulak.. Hehe. Sedap sikit kt sini kut. Same thing with hash brown. Yang McD punye Faheem makan camtu2 je, tapi hash brown kat Thistle siap kene tapau lagi! Heheh.. =D

As promised, we brought Faheem to the Kids Play Room soon after breakfast. There were so many blocks out side the box but he still insisted on the ones IN the box? And end up he was the one that was in the box! lol

Papa builds the railway..

And he happily destroys it.. =p

Building tower blocks with papa. Where to find one like that eh? I searched in Jusco and Ikea but to no avail. Found something similar at Isetan KLCC but there's only few blocks, I want plenty of them, from A to Z, just like they had in Thistle. Maybe I should search them at Toys 'r' us?

Of all the kiddo things in the room, he was afraid of the countless tiny balls?! Faheem Faheem..

When the kids room started to receive more kids (so many Singaporeans!) we decided to stroll around PD beach once again. Meriah la sangat! Cuti sekolah.. Huhu.. Bawak Faheem tengok lembu eh kuda, mkn goreng pisang yang tak sedap and bought mini cars for Faheem. RM10 for 2 pieces. The next day I pegi Isetan tengok original Tamiya mini cars baru RM5.90 each! Shining some more! Sigh..

To PD residents, my thousand apology for saying this.. PD beach tersangat la kotor.. =( Especially the stalls. I know it's school break but Pejabat D.O PD should have anticipate this kind of situations each time the holiday kicks in. You should do something guys. Malu sangat with all the Singaporeans that came here. I went to Singapore 2 years back and there's not even one chocolate wrapper on the pavements! Dear Dato' (or who ever you are), please provides more tong sampah, assigns more PBTs to monitor the eatery and what ever it is that comes into your mind. You should know better! Sekian Terima Kasih.

Lucky us we're staying here..
With so many top-of-the-lines facilities provided to you as clean as a whistle..

Avillion PD. For our next PD trip perhaps?! Initially we planned to stay here but cancels it at the very last minute. Avilion is a beach resort with water chalets and villas. We stayed at Golden Palm Tree before this (a water chalet itself) so there is no point to stay at the most-alike place again right? We went to Avillion to sneak peek the resort and future promotions if available but the parking space was full. The only designated parking space available was across the main road? No way.. Maybe next time lah..

When we reached home it is still hot to get Faheem outside what more in the pool again so we agreed to wander around Thistle with tandem bike!! Just like we've done at Taj Rebak Island Resort =) We eagerly put the sport shoes on but regrettably the gym staffs told us the tandem bikes were under repair.. Sigh.. =(

So we went upstairs, gets Faheem his swim suit and wanders to the beach and then to the Cumulus to kill time. Cumulus is a beach bar with an adult pool over looking the ocean and the house DJ spinning great music every now and then. Nice! Oh there's live band performance during night life. This reminds me of our stay at Hard Rock Hotel Bali during our second trip of honeymoon years back. The center stage was near the lobby and the rooms it self and you just imagine the pounding sound that gets into the cochlear before we went to bed. But we were totally dried out when the bed times come so nevermind lah.. Hehe

Done with Cumulus, we were at the pool again! Look who is the one that's very excited about being in the water? =) The crowds back there are getting bigger, but in an acceptable manner I really have to say. The pool is big enough for everyone of us!

Kalau kat rumah bukan main mama marah budak2 dengan swim suit basah main slide. Tapi kat sini mama sendiri buat? Haha.. Takpela, Faheem sorang je pun yang main kat sini. Yang lain sume busy dekat swimming pool.. =D

Mandi sendri. Good job my son!

As for dinner we went to the same eatery, Nisreen Songkhla. But this time we tried the siakap stim limau. Perghh.. Sedap! And again murah! Papa Faheem even asked the cashier for 3 times regarding the total bill, manela tau kut2 tersalah kira meja orang lain ke kan? But it's not. Siakap stim limau + tomyam ayam + kailan ikan masin + 2 hot tea = RM35 ONLY! Kalau kat KL siap la
RM50. Or maybe more than that!

Oh makcik dan pakcik di background tu menumpang di meja kami sebab dah full sangat kan. They were local's and I bet dorang orang kuat parti politik tanah air. Duk cakap pasal cawangan itu cawangan ini dan saya rasa makcik tersebut adalah 'cawangan' pakcik yang terbaru kan? Sebab die jaoohhhh lagi muda dar pakcik dan makcik tu malu2 je bile bercakap. Haha.. =p

With happy tummy we went back to Thistle.
That's the hotel lobby during night. Very simple..

Anakanda yang tak cukup penat. Almost 11pm but still energetic. Hmm...

The road to Cumulus..
Finally it's the end of the anniversary and birthday trip to Port Dickson!

That's dear Faheem on the day to depart home. I have no idea why he loves the cushion at the lobby so much =) In a nut shell, I just love everything at Thistle Port Dickson. The facilities were awesome! The room was nice (but few parts are not kids friendly - sharp edges. So if you're bringing little charming ones with you, please pay extra caution). The food at the Fresh restaurant (in house dining) was indeed fresh, yummy, innumerable and the staffs had a smile stuck on their face every now and then.

And to have all these at super affordable room rate? Splendid!


  1. Faheem seems to be having soooo much fun!!

  2. indeed! will definitely recommend this place to others! =)

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  4. good to hear that =) do come visit again!



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