Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wifey's Bonus Treat - Sri Ayutthya Restaurant

Last Saturday was such a hectic day for the three of us. Faheem woke up at 8.15am and we bathed him half an hour after that. I was quite lazy to prepare breakfast so papa went out to buy nasi lemak and newspapers. Done with nasi lemak we brought Faheem to the pool. Lucky enough, there were only us and the other family-of-three! Without hesitating much we vigorously spent the Saturday morning in the swimming pool until we ourselves can't bear the midday heat..

As for lunch (again), I'm lazy to get busy in the kitchen that day. Heheh. I just received an interim bonus (Alhamdulillahh..!!) on Friday so it's time to treat Mr husband a good lunch outside! =) Usually I would treat him lunch at Chakri Palace KLCC. Our forever favorite! But this time around I decided to switch to Sri Ayutthya since it's much nearer from our house and we may proceed with grocery shopping at Carrefour or Cold Storage soon after that.

The comfy seat and the shining chandelier in front of the main entrance. As expected, we were greeted "Sawaddikapp...." (for plenty of times!) as soon as we step foot in the restaurant. Few of the waiters there were good looking indeed. And there's one gentleman loves to entertain my little Faheem too. Hee.. =D

Pretty nice deco isn't?

This is dear wifey's view from her chair. There's a bigger area upstairs suitable for a family occasion or tiny celebrations etc. Oh by the time we were seated, there were two big families having lunch beside us. My tummy started to shrink and I can't stop my mouth from continuously salivating when I saw numbers of appetizing dishes served on their table! Seriously..

And what have I ordered that day? I guess you've already sorted it out. Heheh..

Ini adalah meal wajib kami suami isteri! Siakap with kerabu mango..
Oh boy.. it was superb, marvelous, tasty and whatever similar to that.
Rasa nak makan sorang je ikan tu =p

Mixed vege. Out to our surprise, Faheem loves this to bits! Banyak sangat dia makan nasi with those yummy veges especially broccoli and baby carrots. Maybe he was so hungry after attended the 'swimming-class' for one whole morning that day. Heheh

The Chicken Tom Yam was awesome too.
Plenty of chicken and mushroom in there!

And this? This is my energetic son, Faheem the explorer. He just can't stay put even for seconds now. He pushed the baby chair, he wanted to walk the stairway, he got on the sofa and he slided down back and he touched every pots and vases in the restaurant. Thank god non of them were broken!

Done with the splendid luncheon, we were quite amazed to witness the total bill. It was way cheaper than Chakri KLCC. I guess it was most probably due to the location right? (To have your eatery inside KLCC and to have it outside, 20 minutes away from the KL center. That's a huge difference). If that's so we shall come over Sri Ayutthaya je la lepas ni. Good bye Chakri! =D

Oh though this should be my treat, err.. it was actually my treat. But my beloved husband pays for it because he wanted to earn more points with his Amex. American Express gives him 5 times the treat points when he spends during weekends. So.. Nevermind lah, my treat but he pays for it. Macam la tak biasa dengar kan? Hik..


  1. hehe.. ble faheem nk jmpe auntie are are die ni.. =)

  2. boleh la belanje kitorang pulak lepas nie keke

  3. insyaAllah kalo ada rezeki lebih lg no hal asna =) bleh tgk forte bru! besnye besnye.. kaler ape eh asna? *sorila excited sikit. suke sgt forte. heeee....

  4. Wokeh! =D colour bronze plat WVB hehe ;D

  5. tula kan..bile bleh jumpe nih..hihi :)



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