Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Trip to Thistle Johor Bahru - Part 1

Finally I'm able to jolt down something in this ever long pending draft. Ya Allah penatnya badan ini.. =( It started with 4 days of a bit cloudy and drizzling road trip to Johor Bahru and 5 days of ISO 9001:2008 Lead Assessor Course (that involves lots of brainstorming!). Followed with entertaining my in law families that were coming over for the long week end (it's labor day). And yesterday I'm so tied up with the case studies for the whole day until 10.50pm. Like seriously! Anyhow I'm so relieved that I was able to send out the Corrective Actions Request Report to the course instructor before 12 midnight!

And today, I just get in the office with a pair of panda eyes and the boss started asking me this and that. Erk.. Nevermind, kerja adalah amanah Lisa. Face it with a broad smile. You want to get the best of your working life? Then top sighing my dear!! Yada Yada..

Beloved husband is stretching his hamstring and gluteus maximus while queuing for check in at Thistle JB. The road trip down south to JB was quite a boring one we really have to say. We can't even find one R&R spot that is as happening as we've met during our trip to north or east coast region before this.

Opps.. To begin with, we started our journey to JB a bit late than the schedule. Dear Faheem wasn't managed to get a good sleep that night that leaves us with Myalgia the next morning. We only have the determination to get everything jumbled in the car once the lunch meal had boosted our exhilaration level of our next jalan jalan..

The stair case at the lobby leads you to the hotel cafe and restaurant

Hotel guest directory in our room

The journey towards the hotel was a fine one since the route was a bit straight forward. Mr Google Maps and Mr Garmin were behaving very well too. Thank you guys. Lucky us too that one of my hubby's colleague is actually living near the hotel (his parents' house is just minutes away from the hotel). So when we're not sure with the track we can always rings him up. Thanks buddy! =)

The swimming pool view from our room!!! Notice the slide? =D

King size bed that is being separated with the bathroom by a glass window. Just perfect for guests with kids! There's a vatican blind at the glass actually but we make it visible on both sides. For the sake of communication ease between us, when someone is in while the other one is out. No? Heheh.. =D

The bathroom was quite conventional. There's bath tub and shower room. There's nothing so fancy about it. But I so hate the rather small shower head! Tak puas la mandi.. They should provide a bigger shower head, seriously. And there's no bath robe too! Grrr...

24/7 internet connectivity!! =)

Cozy enough eyy?

Hello miss..
May I have one super yummy vege soup with toasted bread and butter please?

It's scribbling time mama!

A family with one kiddo. And we're bringing this many luggage each time we are going for a vacation. I wonder how would it be when Faheem started to have his lil bro/sis in the near future? Harus upgrade to MPV la nampaknye? *Pengsan papa!

Upon arriving we just resting up in the hotel room. Papa was really exhausted. The 5 hours drive really giving him a smack at the back. And the 10kilo little guy was sleeping on my lap all the way to JB! Why oh why are we ignoring the car seat? Why we just left it at home? Hmm.. The back seat was fully loaded with so many stuffs if I'm not mistaken. That's why we don't even care about the car seat. Here comes the MPV issue again. Haha. Caravan also can! =p

Gearing up for dinner =)

Done with maghrib prayer both of us have started to feel the neediness of having a scrumptious dinner. Mr Sam recommended us the yummy foods at Tepian Tebrau and we agreed with it right away since Thistle JB is situated in front of Selat Tebrau! Tak payah drive jauh2, we were there in less than 10mins =)

Anyhow, we didn't went to the eatery that has been recommended. We simply sat down at the vacant table not far away from our car. Serious malas nak bergerak that night. Kekeke.. And we knew we had chose the right place! I've forgotten nama kedai tu but the lemon chicken was their so called signature dish and we ordered it without questioning much. It turned so crispy and delicious! The picture speak for itself I guess?

The mixed vege was nicely done too. Faheem loves it!

Here comes the main course, siakap tiga rasa. Again and again and again? Haha.. We have never get bored with this meal =) This favorite dish was very well done too. Yummeh! Papa makan one side mama makan the other side. Though my portion of rice is smaller than his, but he was so kind enough that he gave me a bigger portion of the fish. Look how caring my husband was? Kikikiki.. =D The other good thing about all these dishes are? So cheap! Remember we went to Thistle Port Dickson before this? Lebih kurang tu saja harganya untuk semua lauk2 tersebut. Apesal makanan kat KL mahal sangat eyy? Sigh..

Anyway, Faheem ate a lot during dinner but I can 'smell' some crankiness with him that night. He's having a mild flu days before the trip so I guess maybe he's not fully recovered as yet. He suddenly requested lots of cuddles. Only then I know there will be something wrong that night, something that have to deal with us - not having a quality sleep etc. And it was! Huhu. The second part of the JB entry will covers our activity at KPJ Johor Specialist. Stay tune fellas!

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