Tuesday, April 19, 2011

espresSOUP and Farmer Bread anyone?

Has anyone went to espresSOUP? If I'm not mistaken they have 7 kiosks all around KL now. With 2 more coming up at Penang and Singapore. We came across espresSOUP so many times before this since it is situated at the entrance of Cold Storage (and we went there for grocery shopping almost every weekend). But none of us even bother the kedai sup =p

Until one day a good friend of my husband dropped by the place from Malacca and the family of one cutie daughter invited us to have tea together at espresSOUP. Little that I know they don't serve soups solely, but with various sandwiches and pastas and what amazed us most was their mushroom soup. It was yummier than Pizza Hut's or Campbell's. It's thicker with more mushroom pieces! And unique enough, it's served in a Farmer Bread.

Farmer Bread is a traditional German's village bread that normally baked everyday and commonly served in the countryside. But now you're having them here in Malaysia. The Farmer Bread is a simple white bread made of wheat and rye flour. The best part of all is, it's oil free, sugar free and preservatives free! Makanan sihat indeed..

Opps I've amost forgotten. Dear Faheem seriously in love with the Farmer Bread dipped in the warm mushroom soup! He'll scream when mama lambat suap roti tu ok. And bila dah kenyang he'll vomit the bread pieces when he chewed them twice. Why can't you just let us know that you're full now and you refuse to have more Faheem? Haduii.. Anakanda oh anakanda.. =D

Anyway, I strongly recommend this kiosk if you wish upon
light and nutritional tea meal away from home!

The little guy who enjoys mushroom soup like no other!

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