Monday, April 4, 2011

Faheem and Flash Cards

Last Saturday we (me, hubby, Faheem, lil sis & babysitter) went to Pavillion KL just to have an unwind weekend-stroll with loved ones while searching for few things in the to-buy-list. (We were getting bored with KLCC to be frank). First thing first I'm wishing upon the scrumptious Flaming Prawn at Manhattan Fish Market! Boleh? But everyone were still satiated with ayam masak merah and mixed vege soup I've prepared earlier during lunch so we postponed it for few hours later..

We went to Toys 'R' Us to find a suitable ride-on for lil Faheem (I'm prone to shop at Toys 'R' Us - collect more points with the Star Member Card!). Our son loves to ride his green soil truck that we purchased at Pantai Bagan Lalang during our stay at Golden Palm Tree. Rasa kesian sangat hari2 tengok Faheem duk kayuh truck kecik tu dgn kaki. Huhu. We searched at Toys 'R' Us KLCC before this but postponed it since it was quite pricey.. =( We spent almost an hour right there discussing which one to pick and was it worth it to spend few hundreds for a ride-on?

These are the ride-ons that are currently available by Vtech, Fisher Price, Little Tikes and Playskool. And I've been seriously longing the Vtech Grow and Go since months ago! But it priced at RM259. Mahal! Though his baby step walker was much more expensive than the ride on, hubby thinks we shouldn't spoils him with too much of fancy toys. He already had abundant of those. I have to agree with him, but.. Nevermind. We'll get something else for you ok handsome..

Momma and Faheem the explorer!

Manhattan FM was so crowded with hungry homosapiens that day so we switched to Pizza Hut half-heartedly. Kempunan lagi Flaming Prawn =/ While waiting for the food I decided to surprise Faheem with the new Flash Cards (at least he may sit properly on the high chair for longer than usual!) Look how excited the young man seeing his momma tries to open the box? =D

Happy & determine faces of a boy who just got a new err..
Educational stuff la konon =p

It's the flash cards! (Err.. I think you can just ignore the attention mark =p) I've been exposing Faheem with visual + audio flash cards from my iPhone apps since he was still small, 6 months and up I guess. But I started thinking to get him a real flash cards when he's beginning to grow a new hobby of throwing-away-the-iPhone-just-for-fun. (I almost get an iPhone replacement from Maxis due to that!) As to date he's having fun with the new 'toy' and I really hope I may witness another amazement in the months to come. Can huh?? Hopefully!

"She's just a baby but she can read!" This is no jokes mommies..
Now Malaysians can do that too.

Done with flash cards, it's time to fill up your tummy baby. Mushroom soup is the best!
Err.. If people might have noticed..
I haven't wore my gelang kahwin for quite some time now.
Hmm.. Nantilah story mory.. =)


  1. kalo anak saya konfem dicampaknye hehehe

  2. ummi:
    sbb tu sy bg die tgk 4 keping flash card je dlu. mula2 excited lg, lps 10min die start campak seb baik x msuk pinggan org sebelah!

    are are:
    anakanda sorang tu mmg. geram je.. hihiih

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