Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finally Flaming Frawn! Err.. Prawn!

Finally the craving for Manhattan Flaming Prawn has come to an end today! Alhamdulillah.. (I had the same dish two months back at Pavilion but suddenly yearning for it again now, hehe) Been planning for the right time to feed myself the yummy-juicy-cheesy prawns since two weeks ago but the precious hour only arrived during lunch today!

I was so tied up with workload this morning and I need to freshen myself a bit with some comfort food plus a quality conversation with dear husband. Lucky me he was not chasing any deadlines today so we decided to have lunch together at Manhattan Fish Market Ampang Park.

As expected, there were crowds but in an acceptable manner. FYI Manhattan FM is currently running a promotion on their signature dish, Manhattan Fish 'N Chips for only RM6.99 The normal price is at RM15.99 How crazy was that? This special price lasts until 8th April.

This is the thing! The mouthwatering prawns... Ada lebih kurang 8-9 ketul kut encik udang di situ. I wonder how they made the cheesy sauce. It was so delicious for god sake. Google la kejap lepas ni. Kut2 jumpe resipi boleh buat sendiri!

While this is my husband's Fish 'N Chips. Actually he wanted the pasta (Super Saver Pasta is also running until 1st of May!). But we had mistakenly ordered it earlier so nak tukar dah tak boleh cos the meal was almost ready. Huhu. Next time k baby? After all that meal was nice too aight!

Abang hensem was burning my delectable prawns! =D
Sweet alabama smoothie and tropical breeze just add in more flavors to our lunch menus..

Lip-smacking Manhattan Mud Pie for dessert.
Ahh.. Delicious dish to jump start the after-noon activity! Daa~


  1. ooo... sampai 8 april eh? boleh laa pegi malam ni.. hahaha... tq for sharing that info.. :p

  2. no problemo mash. aku ada snap brochure promo die. tp maleh nk upload. kikkii.. okla tu ko da take note. hehe. yum yum!!

  3. pegi smalam beratur panjang lagi sama macam the 1st day promo.. terus cancel.. hahahaha

  4. hohoho.. sbb tu aku pegi kt ampang park je. ampang park tu mcm kecik je, susah parking. msti x ramai pegi. aku pegi tu pn bratur dlm 5,6min jaa trus dpt duduk. kekekke..



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