Thursday, April 21, 2011

Interesting Foods and Places in Johor Bahru

We've been cruising by 4 wheels to Johor Bahru nearly four hours and now we have safely arrived here, a region which is just opposite our neighboring and massive-developing country, Singapore. I have a lot of nicest things to type down but I think I should just postpone it to my latest travel tale that will be published very soon, InsyaAllah. Moreover our beloved son isn't doing very well now so I need to pay extra attention for him (more and more cuddles!).

Well, I'm off once he wakes up from his nap!

The scenic view from our room. Tower clock and Singapura! =)

To begin with, the last time I've stepped in to JB was way back when I was still small.. (I'm studying in lower form if I'm not mistaken). I remember we visited my mom's bestest buddies at Batu Pahat (they celebrated our arrival with so much of scrumptious foods!) and we had kerang bakar at Danga Bay with abang Hatta. He's tall, fair, handsome and he rides Harley Davidson! (Off topic, apology!)

Oh believe it or not, that was also the first time we had kerang bakar! Haha.. FYI My mum prohibits her children from eating kerang. Reason being: (According to her) it's dirty, unhealthy, gout-prone and what not. But she had to let us have that yummy kerangs since somebody (which is a very good family friend) is treating us dinner. And who's gonna finish them off if not us? Kikiki.. So that's our JB journey. Full stop.

To cut a long story short, I only have a short term memory during our stay at JB and yes I'm a bit clueless on what should we actually do at JB? If the facilities in Thistle JB is more or less like Thistle PD then it's ok. We can spend 4 days IN the hotel compound happily. Unfortunately, it is not. I've browsed thru the net earlier and regrettably the facilities at Thistle JB is quite limited compared to the one in PD.

Ape yang menarik di Johor Bahru?
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But luckily there's Facebook! I posted a single line as above and received many feedbacks from my dear friends. Be it Johorean or somebody who studied there or people who married a Johorean or fellows who stay at Johor for a living. I wish to paste the comments here (senang cerita) but I'm afraid few of my friends might disagree to let their profile viewed by the public.

So here's the list:
  1. Mee rebus Hj. Wahid at Plaza Angsana
  2. Mee rebus at Stulang
  3. Murtabak Singapore Sg. Chat
  4. Restoran Singgah Selalu
  5. Cendol (Jalan Johor-Pontian)
  6. Istana Besar Johor
  7. Danga Bay
  8. Tanjung Piai (The southern most point of Asia)
  9. Kacang Pool @Bomba Larkin
  10. Senibong
  11. Murtabak Larkin
  12. Tepian Tebrau
Gosh.. I have no idea weather we may visit all of these places?
But we'll try our best!

Oh Faheem needs me now, he's having flu =( Till then!


  1. Yikes!!! Tetibe terliur mee rebus Hj Wahid. Mee rebus johor is my favourite johor dish. yummy!!!

    p.s: kem slm kt that tall, not dark but handsome Abg Hatta. Kekeke

  2. yus! tp ktrg x smpt pn nk try mee rebus tersebut =(

    reason being:
    1) JB traffic jam was one hell of a mess
    2) it's raining every afternoon!
    3) google maps & garmin weren't tele to each other!

    huaaa.. ^_^

  3. oh btw, abg hatta's married (with 3 kids now!) haha. how time really flies..

  4. ayoo.. ruginye x try.. dulu ms kt utm ade cwgn mee rebus hj wahid kt kafe kolej.. mmg tiap ptg g beli.. hehehe... tp jb mmg la jem sokmo..

    is abg hatta a hot papa? ke all the above-mentioned features are history? ;p



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