Friday, April 8, 2011

Is raisin healthy for your kids?

Faheem and raisins are bagai isi dengan kuku, bagai lagu dan irama, bagai mata dan mascara and what ever idioms lah. Ligo California seedless raisins are currently his favorite snack. This happens coincidently on one starry night when dear husband feed the little boy the raisins while both of them were watching football (though the little guy only enjoys the "goal!" screaming part).

He frequently requested for raisins since then. At first I thought ok kut. Raisins are full with natural sweetness (the simplest sugar) and I don't think it will bring any harm. After all it's just for a week. Err.. actually he's having 1 small box of raisins (42.5g) every DAY for 2 weeks in a row! That has exceeded the sensible line, like seriously. Moreover he's also having jus Tok Guru (yet another sugary supplement?) every morning. This concern momma started to think bad and so googled about it yesterday.

Little that I know, pediatric dentist doesn't really keen with kids on having raisins in their daily menu since they are sticky and they have a lot of sugar in them. That leads to? Cavities!! Erk.. Though raisins aren't the only reason, tooth decay may develop at such an early years if they keep on having them consistently (plus no regular brushing). According to these are the pros and cons of eating raisin.

The pros:
  1. Low in fat
  2. Low in cholesterol
  3. Fairly high in fiber (which is good to avoid constipation)
  4. A good source of iron with some calcium
  5. A good source of potassium
The cons:
  1. Kids prone to have cavities..
Well this is my summary for the raisins issue. Raisin is undoubtedly a healthy snack not just for kids but for every one. Apart from the good taste, it also contains vitamins and minerals that every human being needed in their daily life. It is also sunnah nabi kan. Tapi sunnah nabi suruh makan 7 bijik sahaja beserta doa2 tapi anak kesayangan saya makan satu kotak teros! Hoho..

It's ok for him to continue with the raisin but I have to cut the volume intake and no more raisin before bed time. Hmm.. I tried to stop him from having raisin last night but he requested the sticky snacks once he noticed the tupperware case that we used to keep the raisins! So this mission has failed miserably last night. I'll make sure the tupperware is being kept in the kitchen cabinet, totally out from his sight tonight!


  1. raisin is good! tp mmg byk gula. aku preggy mmg kena pantang la gula dan mknan bergula semulajadi ni hihi. ihsan pn aku bg 7-14 biji je. selawat n doa2 sket b4 bg. xnak dia aktif sgt plak mkn byk2. itupn siang2, after dinner no sweet stuffs. lgpn aku gossok gigi ihsan time mandi ptg je. so xrela tgk gigi dia rongak hihi

  2. u what??!! ko da preggy ke? pls rply asap!!

  3. ok there should *aku KALAU preggy bla bla bla*. hihi jgn salah paham ok. but it would be interesting though kalau betul2 preggy hihi

  4. itulah.. aku da terlebih excited aritu ok! haha.



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