Monday, April 18, 2011

It is Yours Truly's Birthday!

Drum roll please! Announcing the silver jubilee celebration (twenty fifth eyy?) ooppss.. the birth anniversary of the owner of The-Anecdotes! Hip Hip Hooreyyy! Standing ovation with a loud applause ladies and gentlemen! ------> Exaggerating again, pfftt.. =p Hi loves, yap.. Today is indeed my **th birthday. Mama Faheem is becoming older and wiser? Nahh.. You should read what Abraham Lincoln once said,
And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count.
It's the LIFE in your years.
So, how much have you gained now Lisa? Err.. Not even half of what I have listed earlier in my serebrum I supposed. But still I'm so grateful with what I have today. The most-loved and precious yet over protective parents that have been my back bone since ages ago, a loving and supportive husband that completes me in everything that I do, a rapidly grown up child that brings me laughter every now and then and not to be forgotten dearest siblings, family members, friends and foes (if there's any).

Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamduillah..

And for all of these years, how much have you devoted yourself as a Muslim Lisa? Err.. For this particular question, I guess only god knows the absolute answers. I admit that I'm still not doing my very best and I'm very well aware that I should not let the precious days gone by meaningless. My bad.. My bad. I really hope in the days to come, starting from this very moment, I will change for a better me that someday may leads to a better family and a better ummah. InsyaAllah..

Birthday girl got a lunch date at Subway with mister husband today. He always prefers Subway Club but today is my birthday so he ordered chicken teriyaki instead. With yummy chocolate chip cookies! Wee... =)

And what's for a birthday present? Well well well.. I really had a blast one last night from my very own handsome, cuddly son, Faheem Darwish. He woke up at 3am. At first it started with a bad dream and stuffy nose but ended up with he himself playing his toys, performing solat (tahajjud agaknye) on the bath rugs? (we're so sleepy so what ever Faheem, as long as you're not crying! Kekeke). That has resulted to? We woke up a bit late and there you go! We were off to the office with panda eyes! Huhu.. Saje je Faheem torture mama on my birthday ek..

Anyway, the grand birthday present would be... A vacation down south to Johor Bahru! =) Thank you so much my dear loving husband for making it happen! (Well, almost happen la. Hihi) Sayang sangat2 tau.. serious! Hik. We'll be staying in Thistle JB for 4 days. Can't wait! Okla, I should stop now, I'm off to home sweetest home in 15mins time.

Happy birthday to ME!


  1. lisa..happy birthday to you..!! hope to meet u and lil faheem one day :)

  2. TQ so much are are! =) haah.. lisa ada story2 jgk kt cik abg nk jmpe wifey jemer. hihi. nnt kte plan2 okie! =)

  3. bleh2..hihi..insya Allah..nk bgtau jeme jgk la nk jumpe mggu exam..xsbr nk abis exam nih huhu..and cant wait for ur bday trip entry too ;)

  4. ic.. lisa pn ada training this whole week. friday ni ada IRCA exam. huaaa takuts! (hopefully the bday trip entry will be up soonest by next week, or the week after, hihi).

    all the best are are! chaiyukkkk.. =)



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