Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Planning for our second home - Property Investment

We are currently planning for a property investment, a home, yes the second one. Real estates keep on skying high nowadays so we just don't want to be left behind with other property chasers. People get easy money every month by doing this, so why hesitate? We've been planning this property investing thingy quite some time ago but only driven to do so when my mom keeps on advising us to get another house, a slightly bigger, for future investment. Again, mommy's word taken place. Heheh

Why for investment?

Living in the fast lane city we need more money. Extra financial support I would say, to cope with the posh-ness cost of living (seriously I will never think about this if I'm settling down at my home town. Hidup seadanya dengan hati ceria saban hari!) One has to agree that tho money is not everything, but everything needs money, real life babes. With the oil price that keeps on hiking, tho we are producing low sulfured petroleum? Crap. But it depends on oneself lah. If you're just fine with what you're having now and can assures sustainability towards the days you will no longer be working in an office, then that's ok, lucky you!

But surely not for us =( This little family will someday grow and grow, insyaAllah. The more kids we have, the more expenditure we will likely to anticipate. Babies stuff, school stuff, uni stuff. With the parents that can't stop the interest of traveling? (though we can only afford to have vacations in Boleh Land and neighboring countries which currencies are cheaper than here). Berangan nak hantar anak kat international school lagi, nak pegi europe tour lagi, nak bawak satu family pergi umrah/haji lagi. So on and so fourth. Millionaires out there, derma kilat kepada saya amatlah dialu-alukan. Mekasey!

So, do you really afford a property investment then?

Err.. This has been a huge question mark on us all this while. Beloved husband did the calculations earlier and apparently we can only live on a happy-meter if the second property costs us 380k and below. With the total home size that is almost equal with the current one? Not worth it kan. We went to few developer show houses recently (that's our second hobby by the way) and we kept on having interest with 400k plus condos. Erk! (1600+ sq. feet, 4R 2BR, 2 carpark lots plus standard amenities).


This is the second bathroom. Can you imagine the master bathroom?

Dear husband has made another calculations when I convinced him that I'm willing to spend my savings on this matter. And I don't mind if that needs me to apply some personal loan etc. It's for the children's sake so bring it on! (Cakap besar memang best..) He said, we can afford it.. But, no more holidays in 5 star hotel and no more dining out at fancy restaurants and no more long about to-buy-list every weekends. Hmm.. The other thing that worries me most is, what if there's no tenant or buyers?! What if tetibe one of us being sacked from work? Nauzubillah.. Where to cekau 1.5k (current home) or 2.5k (another home)! Die horrr... =(

We've spoken to a real estate agent last week and according to her the current home we're living may get tenants or buyers as soon as it is vacant, in other words, no worries mate! The Putra LRT is just minutes walk (with covered pavements some more) from our resident and the MRR2 is right in front of the entrance. Err.. Though she's our family member, a real estate agent she still is!! Heheh Jangan marah eh kak.. =D She might knew everything from top to toe regarding this field but the was-was ness in us can never be subsided.

No pain no gain. Yeah, I love the quote. But it's no longer applicable to parents who have kids. No one would sacrifice their children's growing up life right? So how to solve this hunie.. Maybe we should postpone this to next year, kut2 ada rezeki lebih. Tapi kalau by next year adik Faheem da ada? Oh tak sanggup mak nak pening2 hal cenggini lagi..

To proceed with a very tight budget..
or to hold and let the property rising like phoenix from the ashes?

Maybe we should solat istikharah first.
May Allah lead us the correct path to this.. Amin


  1. if cari rumah area kajang, sg buloh, rawang mybe boleh dpt rumah atas tanah,2 tgkat & ada pro & con la. 1st is jauh sikit dr KL but the best is.. rumah atas tanah trus & price reasonable. =)

  2. tau.. nak2 umh kt bangi, da la cantik, luas murah lg. mmg maveles. tp kitorang x sangup stay jauh2 cmtu. hari2 kene gerak kol 630-7pagi penat tu.. hukk.. 2nd home maybe condo jgk, sbb security issue. hanya akan bli landed house once ive become a fulltime house. ble ntah tuu.. hoho



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