Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When Faheem threw his second tantrum..

"Ops I did it again! I played with your heart.. Got lost in the game.." Sing it like Britney babes! Ya ya, he just did it again for the second time last weekend at Kulim - We went to papa's home town to pay a visit to our dearest family. Well it has been 3 months we haven't met them! Sorry Mak, we've been very busy lately, especially papa..

I don't have any idea what in the whole world that struck into his body. He behaved nicely during morning till afternoon but started to get cranky and whining through the evening! He burst into tears whenever I tried to leave him. To the extend that I had lost my temper and I tapped (sikit je pun) his leg because he refused the diaper. With everybody else were WAITING for us anxiously outside for family big feast and both of us haven't even bathed yet? Nice one.

I hate waiting.
I hate making people wait for me.
And what more to face the little boy who makes everyone L.A.T.E ?

Faheem at KFC, Kulim Landmark Central
Can you imagine such a cutie like this can throw such a bad tantrum on Saturday?

Goshh.. Lucky that you are my very own son sayang. Nasib baik jugak masih ada sedikit keimanan di dalam diri mama ni Faheem. Kekeke.. Me and hubby keeps on thinking about it over and over again and I think this happens because we seldom bring him to Kulim. Dia rasa lain kut (insecurity maybe) with all the cheerful and very friendly makciks and pakciks =D Last time we spent almost 4 days at Kulim (in December) and he reacted the same on the first to second day but behaves excellently on the rest of the days. Oh he didn't have his usual afternoon nap that day! That was one of the biggest reason too I guess.

Lepas ni mama papa bawak Faheem balik Kulim and KT kerap sikit ok. Hope you'll be able to get along with the family members real soon Faheem! =) Foot note: Next Monday will be yours truly's birthday and two days after that we'll be heading south to Johor Bahru! Lucky us faheem has never been cranky at all whenever we're on a holiday. Just can't wait for another travel tale! Smooches baby!


  1. ihsan pn kalau blk kg (msia) mesti about a week cranky je tp xdela smpi throwing tantrum. tantrum tu dikhaskan bila berdua dgn mama je bila dia xdpt apa dia nak xpenah lg dgn org lain haha. nway maybe sbb perubahan persekitaran kan. jadual, org, tmpt tu and for ihsan mestilah jugak sbb cuaca panas hihi. so dia jd nk marah n sket2 nangis.

  2. yaa.. that's the difference between abg ihsan n faheem. ihsan will only throw tantrums with his mom around tp faheem: when he's outside, with a new environment. ur case ok lg la, geram n penat pn berdua je. tp ni kt umh org, umh mertua lagi. huwaaaa...

    ble ktrg blk kl je, start dr dlm kete smpai la dh smpai mumh, faheem ok je!! main elok, mkn elok, mandi elok.. tegelak aku dgn hubby. hhehehe. ape kene la die time blk kulim ritu :D

    sbb panas pn satu. aircond ada kt living room je. blk ktrg xde, tp papa faheem da diskas dgn tok faheem nk psg ekon blk tu nnt. hopefully blk kulim lps ni faheem behave la, amin!



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