Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: IATCA - RABQSA

Stepping on to this door mat each time we're going inside and out from our bedroom is really 'something'.. - It remembers me of our honeymoon trip of course. I browsed through Hard Rock Hotel Bali's website last week and I realized they have renovated and refurbished the rooms beautifully! With colorful slides in the swimming pool? Awesome! Shall we plan for a second Bali trip with beloved Faheem hunie? =)

Anyhow I was on training for this whole week. It will only come to an end this Friday, followed with IRCA Examination! Oh boy.. I thought it would be an easy peesy course, well it's just a set of standards/clauses for god sake. Yeah right.. (Dear Australian top guns, be nice with my answer sheets pls!) Our brain was about to explode each time we went through the sample questions. No joke fellas =( No wonder registered auditors out there can really make a living with their mounting pay! Huukk..

Err.. this should be a wordless wed entry, no? Haha.. I'm a quiet person but the fingers can do so much of elaboration beyond my expectation when they started hitting the keypad, like seriously.. =D Okla, prep hours will commence in a few minutes time now, plus mister hubby has started nagging. Ngeee.. Should get myself concentrating with reading and understanding the clauses asap or I'm dead meat this Friday. Signing off!

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