Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anak Melayu Pertama Menjadi Pensyarah di Universiti Oxford (lepasan dari sekolah pondok)

I always have this typical mindset that sekolah pondok students will become a religious person and they can't go any further. I mean they can be the best Muslims among us, many of them would enter the Jannah al Firdausi (easily) most probably but they just majoring in that particular field. And today, to get to know that the first Malay Muslim went to the Oxford University and he's originated from a very basic foundation at sekolah pondok? A place where they learn Islamic studies with very limited infrastructure what more a structured syllabus? Yet they excelled?

Yakinlah dengan Allah..

Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend break with Osim uVision and comfort food

As planned, we managed to get a slightly better rest on weekend recently. How reviving..

On Saturday morning I made chicken pasta for breakfast. A meal where the three of us can enjoy it at one go. Before this I separated our pasta (with black peppers and capsicum) from Faheem. But he insisted on ours that day so I gave him just so that when his taste buds noticed the spiciness he'll refuse it once and for all. But nahhhh.. It turned the other way round. He loves it! Fair enough my boy, you've just simplified momma's life in the kitchen =)

I forgot to mention another freebie I got from Macy Home Furnishings few weeks back. It's an Osim uVision eye massager. What a bonus to have it during recuperating hours at home on weekends right? We simply love the gift. Remember last time I received my first gift from Macy? The storage ottoman? This is the link if you wish to refresh it: I got FREE ottoman from MACY! Again, thank you so much Macy! We'll definitely rushed to your store at Ikano again and again once our new home's ready!

This gadget is so reviving! No more Monday Blues! :P

That is actually the second Osim product we have. The first one is the baby blue softie massager that hubby's wearing. It's Osim uSnooze, a body massager. I also got it FREE when both us attended Mamil Mama Maternal Forum at Le Meridian Hotel when I was 4 months pregnant for Faheem. It was a perfect gift ever for pregnant ladies, seriously.

And the weekend went peacefully by mingling around with the little boy and watching movies and of course the UEFA Champions League between Barca and MU. The wifey woke up in the middle of the night to get her hubby accompanied. Am I so good or what? Hehe. He pursued me to watch football matches in the middle of the night for so many times before, but only that night I managed to drag myself off the bed and from the good smell of the little Faheem!

Oh we purchased Kongsi via Astro First that day and it was such a waste. I don't have any idea how they managed to get RM7mil in 7days with such a movie? I admit that Sam Shaheizy (hope I got it right) is currently an excellent actor but the movie plot was so irritating. Why are you killing those people? With no exact reasons? And you hated Fizzo because he defeated you in tomoi championship years back? Because he refused the bribe? Oh god please.. Serious tak cool laki macam tuu.. (But we enjoyed the drifting part, ONLY that part)

We only went out to the car wash center and Jusco during dinner since I need to top up few groceries and kitchen stuff. Beloved hubby treated us Secret Recipe again! Thank you loads munchkin.. =) Love you more and more definitely - when our tummies get so happy. Hihi. He was a bit starving so he ordered Nasi Lemak with earl grey. Sedap and plentiful too!

And this is mine, again and again? I so wanted the Tom Yam Kung but then there will be nothing to get Faheem to stood still. I mean finger foods. So again, here goes the same meal.. The little man will have all my french fries then. He also had the cucumbers in hubby's meal. You may eat what ever you wish but you have to sit properly ok boy!

A slice of chocolate cheese berries for dessert =)

And the afternoon activity gone by at the playground and gazebo, watching the locals and mid east boys playing balls. Since both of us wished not to get muscle cramps all over the body this weekend, so there's no swimming pool in the list tho Faheem insisted to get into the pool few times.. Kesian nye anak mama, we'll try our best next weekend ok.

Oh the school holiday has started again. Less traffic jams for sure! And the best part would be Faheem's atok, nenek, aunties and cousins will be coming over KL for a week! I'm so excited.. So very excited! Safe journey my loves!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How kids may brighten up your life..

We were having dinner at Nando's last Tuesday.. I was planning to make spaghetti bolognaise since Sunday but the laziness and mild exhaustion dragged me to change my mind. I don't have any idea, but I'm so worn-out these few weeks. Both me and hubby just had a head-shoulder-neck and foot massage on Friday last week but the muscle relief and relaxation seems to last just for a few days. Maybe I should try a full body SPA treatment then..

Anyhow we always prefer Kenny Rogers Roasters to Nando's but it was another story that day. Well it has been a while we haven't went to any Nando's outlet. So why not? With fatigue muscles I stepped into the restaurant and chose the table with cushioned seats, as always. Hubby just had abundant of pleasant meals during lunch at Spring Garden KLCC so it was just me who really in need of a proper dinner.

I ordered a quarter of peri chicken, iced lemon tea and chocolate cake for dessert..

It looked yummy and it tasted great but I was totally surprised looking at the portion of the chicken. Tecik nya?? I used to be a fan of Nando's during uni years. MU and Mid Valley is just minutes a way and that was our favorite loafing spot during weekends. Almost every week jugak la pegi Nando's but as far as I remember I've never had such a petite drumstick. Hm? But that was years back, maybe the price hike forced Nando's to serve a smaller chicken. Well to cope with the supply and demand factors.

The chocolate cake was sinfully appetizing. Enough said.

Mr Man was just fine with a hot cup of earl gray..

And this is actually the main attraction during our quality talk that day. Do you notice that two handsome boys at the other table with their parents? I just can't take my eyes off them once they were seated there. They remembers me of our dear Faheem at home! Sayang Faheem Darwish.. The well mannered boys sangat manja with their parents. They talk politely, make jokes. Table-manner was definitely in place. When they seemed bored those young gentlemen played games with their mommy's iPhone. They laughed, discussed and played together and I never noticed any arguments or even minor fighting. Good boys indeed =) And they have these charming faces too. Bertuah nye parents budak2 tu.. They are a total strangers to me but I was so delighted just by seeing them! Besarnya nikmat anugerah anak2 dari Ilahi kan..

I can't stop wondering will Faheem behaving the same way once he receives a little sister or brother in his life? Is he willing to share his toys? Will he protects his little siblings whenever they face problems? Will he loves them with all his life? Oh I really hope so! Faheem anak baik kan, anak soleh kan.. He'll be turning 18 months in +/- two weeks time. I think (and he agrees) that this is the right time for him to act and behave like a big brother. It's just about time and fate of course. Allah knows best, may He gives what is the best for this little happy family.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Express Lunch: Siakap Stim, Ayam Grill BBQ, Masak Lemak Kacang

Last Sunday quite early in the morning, we received a call from Faris, hubby's good friend (they were schoolmates during boarding school). Three of us haven't even bathed yet, that's one thing for sure. He's planning to have a comfy loaf at our house while waiting for his wifey (who's attending a course some where near our place).
Thank god we just had our grocery shopping routine the night before plus spring cleaning activity also done on the day before. Phewww!
Express mandi manda then hubby, Faheem and Faris went to the morning market to get some kuih muih and newspapers and we really had fun having a cheerful guest that day. A new father of an 18-days baby actually! (And the mommy simply went out from home during her 18th day of confinement? She's one heck of a determine pharmacist I have ever met! Hehe) To our surprise, Faheem was attached to uncle Faris quite fast. That was so nice since he doesn't really fancy strangers before this.. =)

Anyhow he's staying until mid day so I decided to invite them to have lunch together. Initially I was planning to have only 2 meals: Siakap stim and masak lemak kacang panjang. However there were two additional tummies so I've added some grilled barbecue chicken in the menu. (I was even fortunate again when I found Knorr's barbecue paste in the kitchen cabinet while jumbled up ideas on how should I cook the chicken. Ngee..). And it ended with everything served were makanan sehat dan cepat! Opps.. Excluding the cholesterol-prone masak lemak =p

And the meals ready.. Faheem's fav kacang panjang masak lemak! =)

Our forever favorite Steamed Siakap..
Terletak banyak la pulak juice limau nipis tu..
Lucky dapat cover with oyster sauce. Heheh

Grilled barbecue chicken!

Mempelam lemak manis for dessert..

Lega sangat semua lauk habis licin that day! Plus lychee drink prepared by beloved husband =) Sedap ke tak juadah kami sediakan tu wallahualam.. But according to my hubby of course la die cakap sedap yang amat and requested the same menus for next weekend =p And I received almost the same positive comments from our guests too. I'll surely take it as compliments, thank you and do come again!
Bak kata nabi, setiap tetamu yang datang ke rumah kita akan mengiringi masuk segala Kebaikan dan membawa keluar segala Keburukan apabila mereka pulang. Aminn..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

iPhone 4 with Celcom. A TRAGEDY?

Early May 2011 my one year old iPhone 3GS contract with Maxis finally expired. And so I'm thinking to get a new one, an iPhone 4 for sure. I know iPhone 5 is coming very soon but I'm getting bored with 3GS already. I need a replacement asap (I'll get a new phone every 12 to 13 months each year ever since I'm using hand-phone for the first time in my life. It's just.. Habit kut. I always got higher price when I tend to trade-in my previous phone. Seronok kan! And somehow I think it's a good business strategy too. Ngeeee).

When my husband forwarded me a presentation slides of iPhone 4 with Celcom,
I'm the happiest person on earth, literally.

My husband used to merajuk when I get so attached with iPhone.
And now I'm giving him my pre-loved iPhone? Sape yang non stop main games skg?
Sampai tak jadi beli PS3 tuh! =D

They compared their packages with Maxis and Digi and yes, Celcom has what it takes! (Well as written on the slides and Celcom web page lah). Who can resist a cheaper smart phones with better data plans? Without further hesitation I went to a Celcom branch a day after the contract expires. Excited gile ok. But the Celcom person (I named her lady F) said I have to port my number from Maxis to Celcom first and it may takes up to three days. Fair enough. I'll do anything for you Celcom.

On the 3rd day my Celcom sim is functioning and I went to the same lady again to register myself for an iP4. She said since I'm a porting-customer they have this problem with the system (like I care) and I have to be put in the queuing list. I'm the lucky number 69 in the log book. Fair enough. I'm a mommy full of patience, definitely. And five days gone by without a single call from Lady F? So I called her and she keeps on mentioning "It's not your turn yet.."

I called her every single day since that. I know I'm making her life miserables but I want my iP4 for god sake. In the mean time I kept on calling Celcom Careline to lodge complaints regarding this. This is seriously a double standard. New users with new numbers can get their iP4 anytime starting from the launching date but the porting customers have to what? W.A.I.T. Isn't that you should care the porting-customers more? We are willing to switch just for you Celcom but you're doing this to us? Not good lah..

Heart aches and head aches gone by till 2 weeks and 2 days. Lady F finally called me and asked me to take my phone on Saturday. Heaven. The registration took approximately 1 hour and 15mins. What ever. Unfortunately the internet connection was down (when I'm in the midst of taking home my new phone). So without completing a proper registration process, she handed me the phone as I'm willing to complete it using my own laptop (we're meeting a lawyer in less than 1 hour time that day). Breakfast pun belum..

I don't know whether I can continue with this heart wrenching blog entry now since I'm feeling sick and sicker when I'm typing while watching the phone that is just in front of me. Astarghfirullah..

Anyhow to cut a super long story short, this is the disadvantages and also advantages (can not be kiasu all the time meh) of iPhone 4 with Celcom (from a customer who used to have less head ache with Maxis):
  • The network coverage is a total disappointment! I'm living in 14th floor and I never encountered any coverage problems with my 3GS Maxis before this. But now? Kejap2 NO service. Kadang2 coverage tinggal nyawa2 ikan sahaja. This is Celcom territory? Yah right. Lucky we have WiFi connection in our home. Kalau takde?
  • Anyhow the coverage atas tanah, it is acceptable. Okla okla.. It's good especially at high density areas. But remember fellas the higher you are getting, you can just hope that miracles may happen. I wonder how addicted gamers would suffer their life if they purchased iP4 with Celcom?
  • Celcom's customer service officers (thru Careline) doesn't know much or shall I say, they have less input. Everything I asked they'll need to refer back to the supervisor. But I can still comprehend with that- reason being Celcom just launched it's iP4 in less than a month.
  • Oh by the way, the waiting time to reach the Celcom officers are lesser with Celcom. And they are polite and soft spoken too. Well done! Unlike Maxis, I hardly get through them at times (too many customers I guess) and they usually on a hurry while entertaining us.
I'm using iP4 Celcom with i148 package for the 4th day now. There're still 361 days till the new contract expires. Hmm.. In a nut shell, I'm already get used to the pros and cons of switching to another telco. Since I'm paying such a smaller amount compared to Maxis, sometimes I forget the meaning of give-and-take. My bad my bad. But please Celcom, if you really want to compete with Maxis or any other telcos, IMPROVE your network coverage first and only then you can claim..

This is Celcom Territory!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Replacing Avent Bottle with Pura Kiki

Knowing your Avent bottle. I'm a young mother of a 17-month old child and I'm only aware of these useful information (when it comes to finding the right bottle for my kid) just recently. Not bad for a new mommy I guess.. =p There're various glasses, plastics and stainless steel bottles available in the market but the main consideration is? It must be from a BPA-free material. Stainless steel is pretty much expensive (but seriously value for money), glass is breakable so a plastic bottle seems the only choice I have.

To name a few, there's Tommee Tippee, NUK (I heard it's not BPA free), Dr. Brown, MAM, mOmma, Nuby, Safety Plus, The First Years and more but I'm so attracted with Philips Avent. Simply because it comes from Philips and I'm dealing with many Philips medical equipment in my daily activities. Plus the classy yet simple physical. Knowing that Avent bottles are BPA free, it's just bonus.

And so.. When I was about 6 month pregnant for Faheem, I purchased two 4Oz bottles and two 9Oz bottles. Without realizing which kind of Avent bottle that I actually have grabbed (Well I thought every Avent is the same). Don't blame this new mommy please!

Little that I know Avent is providing 3 types of feeding bottle simply classified as Honey, Milky & Clear. I don't have any idea which one that I have bought earlier but as far as I can remember, there was green round BPA-free sticker on the packaging box. And now I'm thinking of buying new bottles for Faheem since the current one has started to taste plasticky. The bottles deteriorated fast due to the sterilizing process I guess (I did three times daily). I was at Mamours Mid Valley when suddenly I'm getting a bit confused when I noticed few types of Avent bottles available with different packing (slightly) but with a significant difference to the prices.

We were on a hurry that day so I just purchased the most expensive ones. Typical thinking - expensive means better quality. As soon as I reached home I browsed the internet and now I totally understood with the types of Avent feeding bottles.

  • The Honey type is the best Avent bottle (thank god I chose the right one). Honey type or PES (polyethersulphone) is an extremely durable material. Read: Heat resistant, impact resistant and stain resistant. You may identify the PES bottle easily since the packaging of this product has honey/yellowish stripe and the bottle itself is natural honey-colored tint. And of course, it's BPA-free.

  • The Milky type is also known as the Polypropylene (PP) has this milky hue on the bottle. At first I thought the milky hue was some sort of manufacturing debris what so ever. Haha.. This bottle has an adaptor ring to ensure the unique skirt on the nipple works optimally. Sounds so like Dr Brown's right? Leceh...

  • The last one is the Polycarbonate (PC) type. It is a clear plastic which is very durable. This kind of material is widely used in medical devices and sports equipments etc. Shocking but true, PC is not BPA free! I thought Avent is providing all BPA-free bottles all this while. Silly me.. I'm not sure about the packaging but one thing for sure, there's NO green sticker for this bottle.

Anyhow these are Faheem's new stuffs. Two 9Oz Avent PES bottles (purchased at Mamours Mid Valley) and two 11Oz Pura Kiki bottles (purchased online at BabyPinkCraft). Initially I'm thinking of buying 4 Pura Kikis. Since we can use them like, forever! No need to replace them six monthly and they can perfectly be hands down to his little sisters/brothers in the future. But the cost of each bottle is a huge point to ponder too.. So I'm just fine with another Avent bottles as for now.

So mommies, choose wisely!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogger went under maintenance and I lost my latest entry and comments?!

Just discovered that I've lost my latest entry entitled Interesting Stuffs at Homedec'11 plus comments on the previous entry (Oakley scratched, Rip Curl crushed). Oh dear.. I was gaining my all might to produce such a long awaited draft (I was exhausted to death last whole week for god sake) and Blogger fiasco just ate it innocently. Wow. Such a great way to celebrate beloved Faheem's 17th birthday tho.

Anyhow I'm so not going to re-type the same entry. I mean the whole thing. These are the main points and pictures of the MIA blog post.
  • Weekend activities started with visiting two new born cuties and hubby's uni mate (who's suffering from cancerous intestine since 4 years back) at Prince Court Medical Center.
  • Late lunch at Secret Recipe KLCC
Faheem's trying to fit in the shoe by himself..

Grilled black pepper chicken with chips

Fish wantan

Chocolate cheese raspberry slice
  • Done with the late lunch we then off to KL Convention Center for Homedec'11. Both of us eagerly anticipating for this exhibition since we will be shifting to a new crib in a few years to come, insyaAllah.. It's time for another home decoration activity definitely. This event is the continuation of this entry: Planning for a second home - Property Investment
Fancy dish basin

Big shower head! I want.. I want..

Great hood design.
No more knocking-my-head-accidentally to the hood while cooking..

Get rid of the typical front door grill by investing something as cool as this?

Super nice when everything tends to be wireless now?

Colorful ceiling fans.

I'm done with this BORING / LAME entry. Dear Blogger, I would appreciate it so much if you (please) do not repeat the same fiasco again. You may run your system for maintenance purposes for so many times as you wish but missing a blog entry is not acceptable by any blogger in this world. But I'm still lucky that this entry is classified as the least importance. But what if other blogger is missing an entry of their wedding ceremony? Or the birth story of their first offspring after trying to conceive for 15years?? Can you imagine how deeply upset and frustrated they are? I seriously hope that I will never have-to consider switching to another blog hosting provider. Hm!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

His Oakley scratched, Her Rip Curl crushed

Such a heart wrenching wordless Wednesday title isn't it? This is for real people. Beloved husband's Oakley was scratched by Faheem's toys and my Rip Curl was totally crushed by my husband's own feet! Huwaaaa... =( I've contacted the optometrist at Cool Shades KLCC and he'll try his best to get the same frame from the same supplier as soonest possible..

Banyak nye habis duit this month ya Allah.. ='(

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Trip to Thistle Johor Bahru - Part 3

On the third day, we woke up quite early. We missed yesterday's buffet breakfast at the hotel (since we need to reach Johor Specialist asap). So that morning papa insisted to have breakfast as early as possible. Konon nak cover balik yesterday's breakfast. Ngeee.. =D

I love the napkins!

And the huge glass wall!

And of course this little guy! Hehe.. =D
He behaved perfectly while we're having meals.
Well as long as he's feeding himself (on his own!)

The breakfast meals at Thistle were marvelous. Wide varieties, fresh from ovens and yummy! And Faheem was really enjoying the nice ambient too. Whenever he get bored on the high chair we will get him busy with the fishes (most of them are kois) and turtles. Well the restaurant area is being surrounded by pond! Cantik sangat..

The view from our breakfast table

Done with breakfast, papa keeps on asking the belated-birthday girl where do I want to go? I got so stressed when he repetitively asking the same question. Hehehe.. Well, thinking back the 'getting lost' episode of yesterday really makes my head spinning even harder. I hate being stuck in a traffic jam. Such a waste of time, money and energy! Bluerghh..

Realizing I'm not in favor of going out from the hotel, beloved hubby suggested we bring Faheem to the pool first since he keeps on screaming "andiii andiiiiii...." when he saw the swimming pool from the room's window. Kesian pulak, so apa lagi.. Teruslah kami terjah pool cantik tersebut! Lucky us, there's only this little happy family were having fun in the pool =)

That is the best thing when you're having vacation - NOT on school holidays!

Thistle JB anterior view. Captured from the swimming pool..

My two precious guys in the pool!!

Both of them were crazy with this slippery slide =D

Paddle your foot like papa ok!

He really enjoyed swimming with the new goggle

We really had fun in the pool. Like always lah.. Kekeke. We only began to leave the pool when the midday heat told us to take cover. Huhu. The sportsaholic husband then wished to drop by Clark Hatch Fitness Center but I'm a bit exhausted to take care of Faheem all by myself (Faheem is such an energetic boy now, serious penat jaga dia sorang2 tau..) so he canceled the initial plan. Thank you sayang! Sayangggg sangat =)

Almost tea time Faheem woke up from his nap and we started our journey to The Zon Regency. We've came across the hotel and mall's sign board quite a few times before that so there's no more getting-lost issue appearing. Lega.. Why The Zon? Simply because this lady want wants to shop! (Tho The Zon outlets at Langkawi macam tah pape, I really hope this one at JB would be a totally different scenario)

Regrettably I faced almost the same thing =( There were lots of things on sale but the environment was.. I don't know how to describe it. It started with the car park issue - insufficient lighting, lack of parking lots plus sharp corners. The inside environment was also dull and a bit messy! With pumping music that wasn't suitable for a mall. Arghh.. Enough. Macam lah management The Zon baca pun complaint ni.

Anyhow, disebabkan emosi mama Faheem yang tidak berapa stabil I didn't buy anything and I didn't snap any pictures. Oh ada satu. That Polo shirt tu. That was my husband's favorite. But it's a new arrival stuff so it priced around RM250. Mahal sangat lah.. Actually that price macam new arrival Polo kat KL outlet je. Isn't that a duty free center should priced it lower??? Ntahlah labu. But we managed to get him 2 Polo shirts worth RM179. Excited habis encik suami dapat new Polo shirts with discounted price.

Then, sesat lagi. Da la sesat, we were stuck in a highly congested traffic jam! Haha.. Memang fail la vacation kali ni. We came across the Kacang Pool place (that has been recommended earlier by a good friend) but it's a totally NO. Stress sangat dengan jam tu. Then we planned to have pre-dinner at Restoran Singgah Selalu, but the GPS wouldn't able to trace that place. According to the website one of the restaurant is situated at Danga Bay (that is near Thistle) but we can't find them. GREAT - To the power of infinity.

Faheem, while waiting for his meal.
He just amazed with the height of the ceiling I guess.

Actually, earlier that day papa has booked a cruise (with dinner) at Danga Bay. A JBrian recommend us that place since it is so much fun cruising with kids and they serve good foods too. But it was drizzling until night so we had to cancel the plan. Sigh.. End up we chose to have buffet dinner at the hotel. Takde mood da nak jalan2 cari makan lagi..

The meal description was electronically displayed. Nice gadget indeed..

Buffet dinner for three cost us RM179 something if I'm not mistaken. Agak mahal tapi apakan daya. Tak larat to face the traffic jam lagi. The food was good. The place was nice. The staffs were pleasant (tho we recognized too many trainees - we noticed from their name batch). After all, it was quite a bad day. Both weather and Mr. GPS weren't treating us good. But a delicious meal to fill up the tummy really saved the day I have to say.. Alhamdulillah..

The next day we woke up early since we want to reach KL as soonest possible. "Takmau datang JB lagi pasni.." He said. Hahahah.. Memang stress ok vacation kitorang kali ni =D

Faheem with his forever favorite honeydew

Our last moment to capture the scenic view from our breakfast table

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... =p
The girl's mommy was shocked when Faheem called her daughter "Kakak.."
How clever huh.. That's my boy! =)

Faheem playing with my iPhone while waiting for papa at the reception counter.
Check-out done and we rushed to kuala Lumpur.
So long JB!!! =D

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday Trip to Thistle Johor Bahru - Part 2

As expected, we really faced a terrible night once we're done with dinner at Tepian Tebrau =( Faheem was down with cold and flu that leads to stuffy nose and nothing near to a quality sleep! He's whining all night long.. My poor little baby! He only fell asleep for one hour starting around 5.40am. I was awaken at 6.45am by his sadden cry. I tried to hug him as always but was so surprised when I felt he was shivering all over his body!

I got so panicked, I screamed to my husband simultaneously. "We need to see a doctor right now! Faheem's trembling for god sake!". I rushed for his diaper bag, fill up his milk powder etc. At that time I can only hope that the Almighty wouldn't make him going under fit, please don't ya Allah!". (None of us even brushed our teeth what else to clean ourselves. Kekeke..) Turned ON the GPS and lucky us KPJ Johor Specialist was just a 10mins drive from Thistle!

Excited habis nampak slide..

Arriving Johor Specialist Faheem was really weak. His body was sizzling hot and he looked sad with teary eyes. His temperature spiked up to 38.9 degree and the MO inserted the Voren at that instant. But thank god his body reacted fast with the medication and he's a happy boy once again about half an hour later. Leganya.. =) They also told us that Faheem wasn't having fit but he was actually trembling due to the extreme coldness he faced (it was raining cats and dogs that night). Again, Alhamdulillah..

Faheem in the play room. Hilang semua demam laa da masuk sini.. =D

And guess what, we only managed to meet the doctor 2 hours after that, though we were the first patient in the queue. Huhu. But we've been informed earlier by the nurses that Dr. Haji ape tah was having quite a number of in-patients that day so we're cool about it. We went to feed the hunger tummy plus to kill time at Marry Brown Restaurant that was nearby the pediatrics clinic.

That was the first time we're at Marry Brown and that special white bread sangat sedap lahh!

Almost noon and we were still at the hospital. Dengan tak mandi nya, dengan faheem yang makin buas berlari ke sane ke sini nya. Kami da mula pening! Hoho.. We told the nurse weather she can check out the doctor, bole cepat sikit tak.. We just arrived from KL, penat sangat bla bla bla. And he's in his clinic soon after that! Lega.. Viral fever, drink lots of water pung pang pung pang.. Kami terus balik hotel..

Oh before heading home we stopped by the pharmacy center in the hospital to get another daily supplement of Scott Emulsion and a digital thermometer (ear type) for Faheem. His Jus Tok Guru was almost finish and his current Omron digital thermometer (the oral/armpit type) was no longer suitable for his age.

Cleaned ourselves and papa rings McD Delivery. He needs to rush out very soon after that for his office stuffs. It's just me and Faheem left. Once Faheem's already in never-never land, I started blogging for a while. Remember the entry Interesting Foods and Placed in JB? hehe.. =D I was totally worn out that day. Me being me.. I just can't sleep during the day. Golek2 macam mane pun, memang tak boleh tidur siang. So surfing the net la jawabnye..

Happy family in pink!

Almost 6pm papa's back and we decided to go round the JB City and stopped by City Square (CS). City Square shopping mall is situated in the heart of JB city. The nearest from Thistle of course. Hehe. Faheem wasn't fully recovered yet so we tend to limit his exposure to the unhealthy environment. There's a latest and biggest mall called Tebrau City but it was 45mins ride from the hotel. Tak kuasa mak.. Hukk. There's nothing special at CS but we found something that was totally crucial during our trip. Faheem's Pediasure!! Huhu.. Papa tersilap beli susu perisa coklat and Faheem wasn't in favor with it. Minum camtu2 je. Nasib baik ada jual Pediasure with Vanilla flavor kat CS, though mahal RM5 from KL!!!!!

We went to J.Co to have some donuts with coffee. I also tapau those two donuts though I already had them at the cafe. Sedap hingga menjilat jari! Lagi sedap dari Alien ape tah kt Big Apple tu.. And here comes the most hated part during a vacation. We got lost! I don't know why but both garmin and google maps keeps on giving a different direction and it was raining some more. Sigh.. We already at Stulang but we just can't find where the heck was the mi rebus place? Last2 patah balik Thistle je, dinner kt Tepian Tebrau lagi skali..

Telur dadar yang simple gile. Bawang pun cinonet jek..

Ikan siakap 3 rasa yang tidak memenuhi kriteria deria rasa kami.
Sejibik macam the one we experienced at Langkawi. Macam masak kicap jek!
Tapi ikan tu besa gedabak dan murah. So oklaaa....

Mixed vege. Still tak boleh lawan kedai semalam punye..

Saje nak try kerang bakar. Sekali dapat kerang sambal? Errkk...

Done with the not-so-yummy dinner (but it didn't cost us much, so malas nak emo lebeh). Oppss.. Syukur alhamdulillah dapat makannnn... =) Heee.. We went round2 the city again and back to the hotel feeling very exhausted, merely because of insufficient quality sleep (since Faheem was sick) and we haven't slept since the 'shivering morning' taken place.. We dozed off once Faheem started sleeping soundly. ZZZzzzz... O_0

Handsome guy seemed so happy when we reached the hotel.
And we're more than delighted to see that charming faces my son!


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