Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday Trip to Thistle Johor Bahru - Part 2

As expected, we really faced a terrible night once we're done with dinner at Tepian Tebrau =( Faheem was down with cold and flu that leads to stuffy nose and nothing near to a quality sleep! He's whining all night long.. My poor little baby! He only fell asleep for one hour starting around 5.40am. I was awaken at 6.45am by his sadden cry. I tried to hug him as always but was so surprised when I felt he was shivering all over his body!

I got so panicked, I screamed to my husband simultaneously. "We need to see a doctor right now! Faheem's trembling for god sake!". I rushed for his diaper bag, fill up his milk powder etc. At that time I can only hope that the Almighty wouldn't make him going under fit, please don't ya Allah!". (None of us even brushed our teeth what else to clean ourselves. Kekeke..) Turned ON the GPS and lucky us KPJ Johor Specialist was just a 10mins drive from Thistle!

Excited habis nampak slide..

Arriving Johor Specialist Faheem was really weak. His body was sizzling hot and he looked sad with teary eyes. His temperature spiked up to 38.9 degree and the MO inserted the Voren at that instant. But thank god his body reacted fast with the medication and he's a happy boy once again about half an hour later. Leganya.. =) They also told us that Faheem wasn't having fit but he was actually trembling due to the extreme coldness he faced (it was raining cats and dogs that night). Again, Alhamdulillah..

Faheem in the play room. Hilang semua demam laa da masuk sini.. =D

And guess what, we only managed to meet the doctor 2 hours after that, though we were the first patient in the queue. Huhu. But we've been informed earlier by the nurses that Dr. Haji ape tah was having quite a number of in-patients that day so we're cool about it. We went to feed the hunger tummy plus to kill time at Marry Brown Restaurant that was nearby the pediatrics clinic.

That was the first time we're at Marry Brown and that special white bread sangat sedap lahh!

Almost noon and we were still at the hospital. Dengan tak mandi nya, dengan faheem yang makin buas berlari ke sane ke sini nya. Kami da mula pening! Hoho.. We told the nurse weather she can check out the doctor, bole cepat sikit tak.. We just arrived from KL, penat sangat bla bla bla. And he's in his clinic soon after that! Lega.. Viral fever, drink lots of water pung pang pung pang.. Kami terus balik hotel..

Oh before heading home we stopped by the pharmacy center in the hospital to get another daily supplement of Scott Emulsion and a digital thermometer (ear type) for Faheem. His Jus Tok Guru was almost finish and his current Omron digital thermometer (the oral/armpit type) was no longer suitable for his age.

Cleaned ourselves and papa rings McD Delivery. He needs to rush out very soon after that for his office stuffs. It's just me and Faheem left. Once Faheem's already in never-never land, I started blogging for a while. Remember the entry Interesting Foods and Placed in JB? hehe.. =D I was totally worn out that day. Me being me.. I just can't sleep during the day. Golek2 macam mane pun, memang tak boleh tidur siang. So surfing the net la jawabnye..

Happy family in pink!

Almost 6pm papa's back and we decided to go round the JB City and stopped by City Square (CS). City Square shopping mall is situated in the heart of JB city. The nearest from Thistle of course. Hehe. Faheem wasn't fully recovered yet so we tend to limit his exposure to the unhealthy environment. There's a latest and biggest mall called Tebrau City but it was 45mins ride from the hotel. Tak kuasa mak.. Hukk. There's nothing special at CS but we found something that was totally crucial during our trip. Faheem's Pediasure!! Huhu.. Papa tersilap beli susu perisa coklat and Faheem wasn't in favor with it. Minum camtu2 je. Nasib baik ada jual Pediasure with Vanilla flavor kat CS, though mahal RM5 from KL!!!!!

We went to J.Co to have some donuts with coffee. I also tapau those two donuts though I already had them at the cafe. Sedap hingga menjilat jari! Lagi sedap dari Alien ape tah kt Big Apple tu.. And here comes the most hated part during a vacation. We got lost! I don't know why but both garmin and google maps keeps on giving a different direction and it was raining some more. Sigh.. We already at Stulang but we just can't find where the heck was the mi rebus place? Last2 patah balik Thistle je, dinner kt Tepian Tebrau lagi skali..

Telur dadar yang simple gile. Bawang pun cinonet jek..

Ikan siakap 3 rasa yang tidak memenuhi kriteria deria rasa kami.
Sejibik macam the one we experienced at Langkawi. Macam masak kicap jek!
Tapi ikan tu besa gedabak dan murah. So oklaaa....

Mixed vege. Still tak boleh lawan kedai semalam punye..

Saje nak try kerang bakar. Sekali dapat kerang sambal? Errkk...

Done with the not-so-yummy dinner (but it didn't cost us much, so malas nak emo lebeh). Oppss.. Syukur alhamdulillah dapat makannnn... =) Heee.. We went round2 the city again and back to the hotel feeling very exhausted, merely because of insufficient quality sleep (since Faheem was sick) and we haven't slept since the 'shivering morning' taken place.. We dozed off once Faheem started sleeping soundly. ZZZzzzz... O_0

Handsome guy seemed so happy when we reached the hotel.
And we're more than delighted to see that charming faces my son!


  1. ihsan kalau selsema mmg aku sekejap2 monitor temp dia. kot2 demam plak takut tinggi sgt kan. elok simpan ubat demam yg masuk kt bontot tu kt rumah. just in case dh cecah 38 degree n takut lambat smpi hospital ke apa ke boleh insert dlu siap2. koolfever pn aku prepare siap2 kt rmh.

    ahaa ckp pasal navi. klaka betul navi keta kitorg dia suka bwk kitorg ikut jln sempit2 ataupun jln tikus. kdg2 tu ada je jln raya straight elok leh sampi location tp dia suruh ikut jln dlm yg berliku2. konon select option shortcut langsung dh jd long cut n lambat. xtaula nape navi tu altho not all d time tp suka buat prangai mcm tu. pdhal dh update. nk tnjuk pandai sgt la kot kan smpi jln sempit2 boleh lalu dgn beskal je pn dia tau. nak kasik kita impress agaknya. kdg2 bikin marah kalau kita nk kejar masa. tp since dh paham perangai dia, kitorg slalu xikut sgt ckp dia haha.

  2. yg voren tu mmg ada kt umh. tp ubt tu kene simpan dlm fridge kn? sbb tu aku x bwk time travel ke JB tu. ubat2 liquid tu sume aku bwk JB tp x jalan pn dgn faheem time tu. kool fever pulak ada berkotak2 kt umh tu. tp stat faheem msk 8,9 bulan die da xmau. ngamuk die suh tanggalkan. huhuhu..

    itula die. time ok ok. time ngok ngek bleh tahan gak gps tu. yg geramnye aku type lain tp die tunjuk tmpt lain. haduuu.. both google maps dgn garmin plak tu. nk tnye org tgh2 hujan plak tu. mmg fail lah. kdg tu ada 2 different places for one place yg kte carik tu. nama pn sama. sape tak pening. Hohoho

  3. oyeke xtau plak. maybe ikut brand kot. yg aku bli tu jual kt pharmacy pn dia ltk kt rak biasa je n xde ckp ltk kt fridge.

    aku kt sini pakai hd navi. kalau ada jam pn dia bgtau. byran tol berapa. nak cr location guna poskod or phone number pn boleh. mcm2 la. tp tula blk msia xleh pakai dh. nnt kena cari portable navi. nnt rajin buat la review garmin tu.

  4. actually aku pn x sure. tp ble kt clinic doc tu kuarkan ubat tu from the fridge, so aku assume ubat tu kene letak dlm fridge lah. haha

    buat review psl garmin tuh?! msti emo satu bdn hubby aku baca nnt. kekkeke.. nnt la ble i really have the mood to type and think about it :p tp bukan all the time la die cmtu. there was times that the garmin has helped us a lot. cpt ke lambat, tetap smpai ke destinasi =D

  5. hohohho kak lisa terliurnyer tgk siakap 2 rasa..perghhh mantap..ngeh3....

  6. yg kedai 1st tu sedap, tp kedai 2nd tu x brape pn ainna. tp siakap tu sgt beso dan fresh!! =)

  7. hehehe...syok arr travel kak lisa 1 pamily...aritu msk tv ade 1 hotel kt jb x slap the zennith hotel..perghhh mmg superb laa kak lisa hotel the zennith tu...ngeeee.:-)

  8. la yeke! awat la x btau.. akak dlu pening jgk survey2 hotel kt JB. tgk2 tripadvisor, thistle je mcm ok sikit . so stay jela ctu. huuu..

  9. hehehe..x pe2 nnti g jb leh g sne..zennith ni pn ade kt kuantan..kt kuantan ni bru bukak..bru lg..ngeh3...kalo nk g travel kuantan g laa zennith..ngeh3...bleh aina tgk mcm mne facilities die...hehe



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