Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Trip to Thistle Johor Bahru - Part 3

On the third day, we woke up quite early. We missed yesterday's buffet breakfast at the hotel (since we need to reach Johor Specialist asap). So that morning papa insisted to have breakfast as early as possible. Konon nak cover balik yesterday's breakfast. Ngeee.. =D

I love the napkins!

And the huge glass wall!

And of course this little guy! Hehe.. =D
He behaved perfectly while we're having meals.
Well as long as he's feeding himself (on his own!)

The breakfast meals at Thistle were marvelous. Wide varieties, fresh from ovens and yummy! And Faheem was really enjoying the nice ambient too. Whenever he get bored on the high chair we will get him busy with the fishes (most of them are kois) and turtles. Well the restaurant area is being surrounded by pond! Cantik sangat..

The view from our breakfast table

Done with breakfast, papa keeps on asking the belated-birthday girl where do I want to go? I got so stressed when he repetitively asking the same question. Hehehe.. Well, thinking back the 'getting lost' episode of yesterday really makes my head spinning even harder. I hate being stuck in a traffic jam. Such a waste of time, money and energy! Bluerghh..

Realizing I'm not in favor of going out from the hotel, beloved hubby suggested we bring Faheem to the pool first since he keeps on screaming "andiii andiiiiii...." when he saw the swimming pool from the room's window. Kesian pulak, so apa lagi.. Teruslah kami terjah pool cantik tersebut! Lucky us, there's only this little happy family were having fun in the pool =)

That is the best thing when you're having vacation - NOT on school holidays!

Thistle JB anterior view. Captured from the swimming pool..

My two precious guys in the pool!!

Both of them were crazy with this slippery slide =D

Paddle your foot like papa ok!

He really enjoyed swimming with the new goggle

We really had fun in the pool. Like always lah.. Kekeke. We only began to leave the pool when the midday heat told us to take cover. Huhu. The sportsaholic husband then wished to drop by Clark Hatch Fitness Center but I'm a bit exhausted to take care of Faheem all by myself (Faheem is such an energetic boy now, serious penat jaga dia sorang2 tau..) so he canceled the initial plan. Thank you sayang! Sayangggg sangat =)

Almost tea time Faheem woke up from his nap and we started our journey to The Zon Regency. We've came across the hotel and mall's sign board quite a few times before that so there's no more getting-lost issue appearing. Lega.. Why The Zon? Simply because this lady want wants to shop! (Tho The Zon outlets at Langkawi macam tah pape, I really hope this one at JB would be a totally different scenario)

Regrettably I faced almost the same thing =( There were lots of things on sale but the environment was.. I don't know how to describe it. It started with the car park issue - insufficient lighting, lack of parking lots plus sharp corners. The inside environment was also dull and a bit messy! With pumping music that wasn't suitable for a mall. Arghh.. Enough. Macam lah management The Zon baca pun complaint ni.

Anyhow, disebabkan emosi mama Faheem yang tidak berapa stabil I didn't buy anything and I didn't snap any pictures. Oh ada satu. That Polo shirt tu. That was my husband's favorite. But it's a new arrival stuff so it priced around RM250. Mahal sangat lah.. Actually that price macam new arrival Polo kat KL outlet je. Isn't that a duty free center should priced it lower??? Ntahlah labu. But we managed to get him 2 Polo shirts worth RM179. Excited habis encik suami dapat new Polo shirts with discounted price.

Then, sesat lagi. Da la sesat, we were stuck in a highly congested traffic jam! Haha.. Memang fail la vacation kali ni. We came across the Kacang Pool place (that has been recommended earlier by a good friend) but it's a totally NO. Stress sangat dengan jam tu. Then we planned to have pre-dinner at Restoran Singgah Selalu, but the GPS wouldn't able to trace that place. According to the website one of the restaurant is situated at Danga Bay (that is near Thistle) but we can't find them. GREAT - To the power of infinity.

Faheem, while waiting for his meal.
He just amazed with the height of the ceiling I guess.

Actually, earlier that day papa has booked a cruise (with dinner) at Danga Bay. A JBrian recommend us that place since it is so much fun cruising with kids and they serve good foods too. But it was drizzling until night so we had to cancel the plan. Sigh.. End up we chose to have buffet dinner at the hotel. Takde mood da nak jalan2 cari makan lagi..

The meal description was electronically displayed. Nice gadget indeed..

Buffet dinner for three cost us RM179 something if I'm not mistaken. Agak mahal tapi apakan daya. Tak larat to face the traffic jam lagi. The food was good. The place was nice. The staffs were pleasant (tho we recognized too many trainees - we noticed from their name batch). After all, it was quite a bad day. Both weather and Mr. GPS weren't treating us good. But a delicious meal to fill up the tummy really saved the day I have to say.. Alhamdulillah..

The next day we woke up early since we want to reach KL as soonest possible. "Takmau datang JB lagi pasni.." He said. Hahahah.. Memang stress ok vacation kitorang kali ni =D

Faheem with his forever favorite honeydew

Our last moment to capture the scenic view from our breakfast table

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... =p
The girl's mommy was shocked when Faheem called her daughter "Kakak.."
How clever huh.. That's my boy! =)

Faheem playing with my iPhone while waiting for papa at the reception counter.
Check-out done and we rushed to kuala Lumpur.
So long JB!!! =D


  1. So if sumone ask, would u consider JB again in your list? ..definitely NO!!

  2. hahah.. hopefully the gps and weather will treat us better nx time =D

  3. jgn lah serik dtg jb. it's an awesome place but do consider to google about jb before coming here so that you wont face problems ;)

  4. thx 4 dropping by dear hana =)

    actually we really googled everything b4 went to JB. mcm everyhting la da ada dlm kepala ni. tp maybe sbb problem dgn GPS tu. bnyk tmpt we all search mcm not in the map n kdg2 bwk ktrg kt tmpt salah. da la JB tu besa kn. tambah lg dgn hujan setiap ptg. mmg xmenjadi la trip kali ni..

    kalo nk pg jb lg pun, maybe with the whole big family. dgn org2 yg da biasa dtg ke. bru ok kut! =)



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