Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogger went under maintenance and I lost my latest entry and comments?!

Just discovered that I've lost my latest entry entitled Interesting Stuffs at Homedec'11 plus comments on the previous entry (Oakley scratched, Rip Curl crushed). Oh dear.. I was gaining my all might to produce such a long awaited draft (I was exhausted to death last whole week for god sake) and Blogger fiasco just ate it innocently. Wow. Such a great way to celebrate beloved Faheem's 17th birthday tho.

Anyhow I'm so not going to re-type the same entry. I mean the whole thing. These are the main points and pictures of the MIA blog post.
  • Weekend activities started with visiting two new born cuties and hubby's uni mate (who's suffering from cancerous intestine since 4 years back) at Prince Court Medical Center.
  • Late lunch at Secret Recipe KLCC
Faheem's trying to fit in the shoe by himself..

Grilled black pepper chicken with chips

Fish wantan

Chocolate cheese raspberry slice
  • Done with the late lunch we then off to KL Convention Center for Homedec'11. Both of us eagerly anticipating for this exhibition since we will be shifting to a new crib in a few years to come, insyaAllah.. It's time for another home decoration activity definitely. This event is the continuation of this entry: Planning for a second home - Property Investment
Fancy dish basin

Big shower head! I want.. I want..

Great hood design.
No more knocking-my-head-accidentally to the hood while cooking..

Get rid of the typical front door grill by investing something as cool as this?

Super nice when everything tends to be wireless now?

Colorful ceiling fans.

I'm done with this BORING / LAME entry. Dear Blogger, I would appreciate it so much if you (please) do not repeat the same fiasco again. You may run your system for maintenance purposes for so many times as you wish but missing a blog entry is not acceptable by any blogger in this world. But I'm still lucky that this entry is classified as the least importance. But what if other blogger is missing an entry of their wedding ceremony? Or the birth story of their first offspring after trying to conceive for 15years?? Can you imagine how deeply upset and frustrated they are? I seriously hope that I will never have-to consider switching to another blog hosting provider. Hm!


  1. eh.. tak perasan pulak kot2 i pun ade missing post(s)! pelik tp benar nih..

  2. haah.. other blogger ada jgk incident ni. yg ilang latest entry during maintenance tu plus sume komen2 time maintenance day tu. kalo btol2 under maintenance disable jela semua kn. xpayah read-only bagai la..

    emo di hari Isnin. nasib baik esok coti!! =D



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