Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Express Lunch: Siakap Stim, Ayam Grill BBQ, Masak Lemak Kacang

Last Sunday quite early in the morning, we received a call from Faris, hubby's good friend (they were schoolmates during boarding school). Three of us haven't even bathed yet, that's one thing for sure. He's planning to have a comfy loaf at our house while waiting for his wifey (who's attending a course some where near our place).
Thank god we just had our grocery shopping routine the night before plus spring cleaning activity also done on the day before. Phewww!
Express mandi manda then hubby, Faheem and Faris went to the morning market to get some kuih muih and newspapers and we really had fun having a cheerful guest that day. A new father of an 18-days baby actually! (And the mommy simply went out from home during her 18th day of confinement? She's one heck of a determine pharmacist I have ever met! Hehe) To our surprise, Faheem was attached to uncle Faris quite fast. That was so nice since he doesn't really fancy strangers before this.. =)

Anyhow he's staying until mid day so I decided to invite them to have lunch together. Initially I was planning to have only 2 meals: Siakap stim and masak lemak kacang panjang. However there were two additional tummies so I've added some grilled barbecue chicken in the menu. (I was even fortunate again when I found Knorr's barbecue paste in the kitchen cabinet while jumbled up ideas on how should I cook the chicken. Ngee..). And it ended with everything served were makanan sehat dan cepat! Opps.. Excluding the cholesterol-prone masak lemak =p

And the meals ready.. Faheem's fav kacang panjang masak lemak! =)

Our forever favorite Steamed Siakap..
Terletak banyak la pulak juice limau nipis tu..
Lucky dapat cover with oyster sauce. Heheh

Grilled barbecue chicken!

Mempelam lemak manis for dessert..

Lega sangat semua lauk habis licin that day! Plus lychee drink prepared by beloved husband =) Sedap ke tak juadah kami sediakan tu wallahualam.. But according to my hubby of course la die cakap sedap yang amat and requested the same menus for next weekend =p And I received almost the same positive comments from our guests too. I'll surely take it as compliments, thank you and do come again!
Bak kata nabi, setiap tetamu yang datang ke rumah kita akan mengiringi masuk segala Kebaikan dan membawa keluar segala Keburukan apabila mereka pulang. Aminn..


  1. okey dah terliur mulut ibu boyot nie tgk mempelam lemak manis tue. tapi nak resepi grilled chicken use knorr BBQ sause bleh x mama faheem.. =)'''

    air liur meleleh~~

  2. chicken tu teramatlah senang nk buat asna! especially time kte tgh ada guest xnk la buat org tertunggu2 kn. caranya begini. gaulkan chicken2 tu dgn knorr BBQ sauce ke paste ke ape tu. tambah black pepper n honey sikit then perap chicken tersebut selama 2,3 jam di dlm fridge. the longer the better!

    pstu msk microwave, grill them and it's done!! kekeke.. sedap dan cepat.. :D

  3. wow! senangnya. okey boleh cuba next time. thank you mama faheem ;)



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