Thursday, May 26, 2011

How kids may brighten up your life..

We were having dinner at Nando's last Tuesday.. I was planning to make spaghetti bolognaise since Sunday but the laziness and mild exhaustion dragged me to change my mind. I don't have any idea, but I'm so worn-out these few weeks. Both me and hubby just had a head-shoulder-neck and foot massage on Friday last week but the muscle relief and relaxation seems to last just for a few days. Maybe I should try a full body SPA treatment then..

Anyhow we always prefer Kenny Rogers Roasters to Nando's but it was another story that day. Well it has been a while we haven't went to any Nando's outlet. So why not? With fatigue muscles I stepped into the restaurant and chose the table with cushioned seats, as always. Hubby just had abundant of pleasant meals during lunch at Spring Garden KLCC so it was just me who really in need of a proper dinner.

I ordered a quarter of peri chicken, iced lemon tea and chocolate cake for dessert..

It looked yummy and it tasted great but I was totally surprised looking at the portion of the chicken. Tecik nya?? I used to be a fan of Nando's during uni years. MU and Mid Valley is just minutes a way and that was our favorite loafing spot during weekends. Almost every week jugak la pegi Nando's but as far as I remember I've never had such a petite drumstick. Hm? But that was years back, maybe the price hike forced Nando's to serve a smaller chicken. Well to cope with the supply and demand factors.

The chocolate cake was sinfully appetizing. Enough said.

Mr Man was just fine with a hot cup of earl gray..

And this is actually the main attraction during our quality talk that day. Do you notice that two handsome boys at the other table with their parents? I just can't take my eyes off them once they were seated there. They remembers me of our dear Faheem at home! Sayang Faheem Darwish.. The well mannered boys sangat manja with their parents. They talk politely, make jokes. Table-manner was definitely in place. When they seemed bored those young gentlemen played games with their mommy's iPhone. They laughed, discussed and played together and I never noticed any arguments or even minor fighting. Good boys indeed =) And they have these charming faces too. Bertuah nye parents budak2 tu.. They are a total strangers to me but I was so delighted just by seeing them! Besarnya nikmat anugerah anak2 dari Ilahi kan..

I can't stop wondering will Faheem behaving the same way once he receives a little sister or brother in his life? Is he willing to share his toys? Will he protects his little siblings whenever they face problems? Will he loves them with all his life? Oh I really hope so! Faheem anak baik kan, anak soleh kan.. He'll be turning 18 months in +/- two weeks time. I think (and he agrees) that this is the right time for him to act and behave like a big brother. It's just about time and fate of course. Allah knows best, may He gives what is the best for this little happy family.



  1. sedapppnyer cho cake....bak sikit...ngeeee..:-)

  2. mmg sedap sgt.. bnde lain bleh share, tp choc cake never! haha..

  3. hahah...abesh k.lisa mkn sorg...cian bangcik...haha..kne order laen lah..ngeee

  4. bangcik da kenyang la boss die blanje lunch haritu. sbb tu die minum teh je. eh eh bangcik mkn jgk cake tu ok! kekeke



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