Tuesday, May 24, 2011

iPhone 4 with Celcom. A TRAGEDY?

Early May 2011 my one year old iPhone 3GS contract with Maxis finally expired. And so I'm thinking to get a new one, an iPhone 4 for sure. I know iPhone 5 is coming very soon but I'm getting bored with 3GS already. I need a replacement asap (I'll get a new phone every 12 to 13 months each year ever since I'm using hand-phone for the first time in my life. It's just.. Habit kut. I always got higher price when I tend to trade-in my previous phone. Seronok kan! And somehow I think it's a good business strategy too. Ngeeee).

When my husband forwarded me a presentation slides of iPhone 4 with Celcom,
I'm the happiest person on earth, literally.

My husband used to merajuk when I get so attached with iPhone.
And now I'm giving him my pre-loved iPhone? Sape yang non stop main games skg?
Sampai tak jadi beli PS3 tuh! =D

They compared their packages with Maxis and Digi and yes, Celcom has what it takes! (Well as written on the slides and Celcom web page lah). Who can resist a cheaper smart phones with better data plans? Without further hesitation I went to a Celcom branch a day after the contract expires. Excited gile ok. But the Celcom person (I named her lady F) said I have to port my number from Maxis to Celcom first and it may takes up to three days. Fair enough. I'll do anything for you Celcom.

On the 3rd day my Celcom sim is functioning and I went to the same lady again to register myself for an iP4. She said since I'm a porting-customer they have this problem with the system (like I care) and I have to be put in the queuing list. I'm the lucky number 69 in the log book. Fair enough. I'm a mommy full of patience, definitely. And five days gone by without a single call from Lady F? So I called her and she keeps on mentioning "It's not your turn yet.."

I called her every single day since that. I know I'm making her life miserables but I want my iP4 for god sake. In the mean time I kept on calling Celcom Careline to lodge complaints regarding this. This is seriously a double standard. New users with new numbers can get their iP4 anytime starting from the launching date but the porting customers have to what? W.A.I.T. Isn't that you should care the porting-customers more? We are willing to switch just for you Celcom but you're doing this to us? Not good lah..

Heart aches and head aches gone by till 2 weeks and 2 days. Lady F finally called me and asked me to take my phone on Saturday. Heaven. The registration took approximately 1 hour and 15mins. What ever. Unfortunately the internet connection was down (when I'm in the midst of taking home my new phone). So without completing a proper registration process, she handed me the phone as I'm willing to complete it using my own laptop (we're meeting a lawyer in less than 1 hour time that day). Breakfast pun belum..

I don't know whether I can continue with this heart wrenching blog entry now since I'm feeling sick and sicker when I'm typing while watching the phone that is just in front of me. Astarghfirullah..

Anyhow to cut a super long story short, this is the disadvantages and also advantages (can not be kiasu all the time meh) of iPhone 4 with Celcom (from a customer who used to have less head ache with Maxis):
  • The network coverage is a total disappointment! I'm living in 14th floor and I never encountered any coverage problems with my 3GS Maxis before this. But now? Kejap2 NO service. Kadang2 coverage tinggal nyawa2 ikan sahaja. This is Celcom territory? Yah right. Lucky we have WiFi connection in our home. Kalau takde?
  • Anyhow the coverage atas tanah, it is acceptable. Okla okla.. It's good especially at high density areas. But remember fellas the higher you are getting, you can just hope that miracles may happen. I wonder how addicted gamers would suffer their life if they purchased iP4 with Celcom?
  • Celcom's customer service officers (thru Careline) doesn't know much or shall I say, they have less input. Everything I asked they'll need to refer back to the supervisor. But I can still comprehend with that- reason being Celcom just launched it's iP4 in less than a month.
  • Oh by the way, the waiting time to reach the Celcom officers are lesser with Celcom. And they are polite and soft spoken too. Well done! Unlike Maxis, I hardly get through them at times (too many customers I guess) and they usually on a hurry while entertaining us.
I'm using iP4 Celcom with i148 package for the 4th day now. There're still 361 days till the new contract expires. Hmm.. In a nut shell, I'm already get used to the pros and cons of switching to another telco. Since I'm paying such a smaller amount compared to Maxis, sometimes I forget the meaning of give-and-take. My bad my bad. But please Celcom, if you really want to compete with Maxis or any other telcos, IMPROVE your network coverage first and only then you can claim..

This is Celcom Territory!


  1. crappy! i used to have problems with maxis so i switched to celcom. customer service wise, celcom sucks than maxis. even the online customer service pun lousy. asyik xleh nak log in manjang. and slow!

  2. agreed yus! last time lisa mmg pkai celcom. tp sbb nk iphone so switch la to maxis. b4 that mmg da bengang dgn celcom online service tu. mmg slow sgt. i really like maxis sbb bole send itemised bill thru email. mmg syok la cmtu. sms alert lg. pstu tgk ip4 celcom cm menarik, switch la celcom pulak sbb hubby ckp slame ni die pkai celcom ok je. tetibe jd cmni.. haihh..



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