Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Replacing Avent Bottle with Pura Kiki

Knowing your Avent bottle. I'm a young mother of a 17-month old child and I'm only aware of these useful information (when it comes to finding the right bottle for my kid) just recently. Not bad for a new mommy I guess.. =p There're various glasses, plastics and stainless steel bottles available in the market but the main consideration is? It must be from a BPA-free material. Stainless steel is pretty much expensive (but seriously value for money), glass is breakable so a plastic bottle seems the only choice I have.

To name a few, there's Tommee Tippee, NUK (I heard it's not BPA free), Dr. Brown, MAM, mOmma, Nuby, Safety Plus, The First Years and more but I'm so attracted with Philips Avent. Simply because it comes from Philips and I'm dealing with many Philips medical equipment in my daily activities. Plus the classy yet simple physical. Knowing that Avent bottles are BPA free, it's just bonus.

And so.. When I was about 6 month pregnant for Faheem, I purchased two 4Oz bottles and two 9Oz bottles. Without realizing which kind of Avent bottle that I actually have grabbed (Well I thought every Avent is the same). Don't blame this new mommy please!

Little that I know Avent is providing 3 types of feeding bottle simply classified as Honey, Milky & Clear. I don't have any idea which one that I have bought earlier but as far as I can remember, there was green round BPA-free sticker on the packaging box. And now I'm thinking of buying new bottles for Faheem since the current one has started to taste plasticky. The bottles deteriorated fast due to the sterilizing process I guess (I did three times daily). I was at Mamours Mid Valley when suddenly I'm getting a bit confused when I noticed few types of Avent bottles available with different packing (slightly) but with a significant difference to the prices.

We were on a hurry that day so I just purchased the most expensive ones. Typical thinking - expensive means better quality. As soon as I reached home I browsed the internet and now I totally understood with the types of Avent feeding bottles.

  • The Honey type is the best Avent bottle (thank god I chose the right one). Honey type or PES (polyethersulphone) is an extremely durable material. Read: Heat resistant, impact resistant and stain resistant. You may identify the PES bottle easily since the packaging of this product has honey/yellowish stripe and the bottle itself is natural honey-colored tint. And of course, it's BPA-free.

  • The Milky type is also known as the Polypropylene (PP) has this milky hue on the bottle. At first I thought the milky hue was some sort of manufacturing debris what so ever. Haha.. This bottle has an adaptor ring to ensure the unique skirt on the nipple works optimally. Sounds so like Dr Brown's right? Leceh...

  • The last one is the Polycarbonate (PC) type. It is a clear plastic which is very durable. This kind of material is widely used in medical devices and sports equipments etc. Shocking but true, PC is not BPA free! I thought Avent is providing all BPA-free bottles all this while. Silly me.. I'm not sure about the packaging but one thing for sure, there's NO green sticker for this bottle.

Anyhow these are Faheem's new stuffs. Two 9Oz Avent PES bottles (purchased at Mamours Mid Valley) and two 11Oz Pura Kiki bottles (purchased online at BabyPinkCraft). Initially I'm thinking of buying 4 Pura Kikis. Since we can use them like, forever! No need to replace them six monthly and they can perfectly be hands down to his little sisters/brothers in the future. But the cost of each bottle is a huge point to ponder too.. So I'm just fine with another Avent bottles as for now.

So mommies, choose wisely!


  1. Pura Kiki boleh masuk dgn teats MAM tak? U guna teats apa ye?

  2. i gune Avent je sbb teats Avent kebetulan ada bnyk yg x pkai lg dlu. but so far i pkai ok je, tp rmai ckp psl leaking.

    recommended teats for Pura Kiki are: MAM and Dr. Brown.

  3. Oh so MAM bole la ye. Sbb dkt website dia takde tulis MAM. Kalau mcmtu boleh lah beli. Lebih murah dari organic kidz. Plus yg ni ring pun stainless steel. Tq!

  4. aha. according to the tauke kedai tu, she recommends MAM n Dr Brown. no problemo!

  5. Thanks ye! Skrg nak pegi google who offers the best. New born i lambat lagi keluarnya. Hahaha. But nak balik Msia bulan 12, beli kt Msia cheaper.

  6. ops sorry. ada lagi soalan, for toddler, nak jadi kan bottle ni sippy cup, guna spout ape eh? yg direcommend avent sport spout tp mcm takde pulak dekat kedai2 online msia.

    pernah jadikan dia sippy bottle tak?

  7. i bli haritu it comes with sippy spout. comel sgt, lmbut mcm teats. the first one tu da koyak. i pn tgh plan nk carik sippy spout bru jgk. tp x sempat lg nk survey la. hukkk. susah eh nk cari.. i tgk kt pn ada yg MAM soft spout jek. masalah jgk ni..

    u studi or working in japan? syok nye!

  8. Spout dia website dia tulis tu mcm tak wujud je di seluruh dunia. Haha. Sport spout mmg x dijual individually. Dia jual sekali dengan botol sportster (sp?). Tp i rasa, avent hard spout maybe bole masuk lah.

    Mmg kalau toddler tak boleh guna spout lembut2. My toddler dh 4 botol dah beli. Sbb spout koyak, xde replacement kt sini, so kene beli botol sekali. Baik beli steel bottle je. Then beli spout byk2. At least the Bottle bole pass kt adik dia nnt once dh tau minum dr cups betul2.

    I housewife jek. Benti keje once i delivered my firstborn 21-22 months ago. Heeee. Then husband dpt scholar masters april aritu, ikut lah sekali.

  9. alaa yeke. serabut pulak teringat hal ni. nt da bli sippy spout yg sesuai utk pura kiki tu pls share with me eh? hehehe..

    ooo ikut husband. syoknyeeeee.. letak la pic kat sane bnyk2. suke tgk tmpt org =)

  10. My daughter now owns a Pura Kiki feeding bottle like that green one. I love it! I am now thinking of buying a pink one to be given as a gift to my niece! :)



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