Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend break with Osim uVision and comfort food

As planned, we managed to get a slightly better rest on weekend recently. How reviving..

On Saturday morning I made chicken pasta for breakfast. A meal where the three of us can enjoy it at one go. Before this I separated our pasta (with black peppers and capsicum) from Faheem. But he insisted on ours that day so I gave him just so that when his taste buds noticed the spiciness he'll refuse it once and for all. But nahhhh.. It turned the other way round. He loves it! Fair enough my boy, you've just simplified momma's life in the kitchen =)

I forgot to mention another freebie I got from Macy Home Furnishings few weeks back. It's an Osim uVision eye massager. What a bonus to have it during recuperating hours at home on weekends right? We simply love the gift. Remember last time I received my first gift from Macy? The storage ottoman? This is the link if you wish to refresh it: I got FREE ottoman from MACY! Again, thank you so much Macy! We'll definitely rushed to your store at Ikano again and again once our new home's ready!

This gadget is so reviving! No more Monday Blues! :P

That is actually the second Osim product we have. The first one is the baby blue softie massager that hubby's wearing. It's Osim uSnooze, a body massager. I also got it FREE when both us attended Mamil Mama Maternal Forum at Le Meridian Hotel when I was 4 months pregnant for Faheem. It was a perfect gift ever for pregnant ladies, seriously.

And the weekend went peacefully by mingling around with the little boy and watching movies and of course the UEFA Champions League between Barca and MU. The wifey woke up in the middle of the night to get her hubby accompanied. Am I so good or what? Hehe. He pursued me to watch football matches in the middle of the night for so many times before, but only that night I managed to drag myself off the bed and from the good smell of the little Faheem!

Oh we purchased Kongsi via Astro First that day and it was such a waste. I don't have any idea how they managed to get RM7mil in 7days with such a movie? I admit that Sam Shaheizy (hope I got it right) is currently an excellent actor but the movie plot was so irritating. Why are you killing those people? With no exact reasons? And you hated Fizzo because he defeated you in tomoi championship years back? Because he refused the bribe? Oh god please.. Serious tak cool laki macam tuu.. (But we enjoyed the drifting part, ONLY that part)

We only went out to the car wash center and Jusco during dinner since I need to top up few groceries and kitchen stuff. Beloved hubby treated us Secret Recipe again! Thank you loads munchkin.. =) Love you more and more definitely - when our tummies get so happy. Hihi. He was a bit starving so he ordered Nasi Lemak with earl grey. Sedap and plentiful too!

And this is mine, again and again? I so wanted the Tom Yam Kung but then there will be nothing to get Faheem to stood still. I mean finger foods. So again, here goes the same meal.. The little man will have all my french fries then. He also had the cucumbers in hubby's meal. You may eat what ever you wish but you have to sit properly ok boy!

A slice of chocolate cheese berries for dessert =)

And the afternoon activity gone by at the playground and gazebo, watching the locals and mid east boys playing balls. Since both of us wished not to get muscle cramps all over the body this weekend, so there's no swimming pool in the list tho Faheem insisted to get into the pool few times.. Kesian nye anak mama, we'll try our best next weekend ok.

Oh the school holiday has started again. Less traffic jams for sure! And the best part would be Faheem's atok, nenek, aunties and cousins will be coming over KL for a week! I'm so excited.. So very excited! Safe journey my loves!

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