Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 Pizzas for RM33 today!

What an exhaustive day I'm facing this week! ='/

Just done with discussion (since afternoon) with the team mates and suddenly I received this amusing email. Hoorey! Beloved hubby called me just now, he asked whether I wish to follow him jogging at FRIM since there's no futsal match today.

The answer would definitely be NO then.
I'm totally worn out and I need nutrition treatment sweet heart.
My treat ok! =)


  1. apa???

    cewahh ala2 terkejut besar..bakpo la are xdpt email ni huhu ;)

  2. heheh.. lisa pn bru prasan email ni ptg smlm are.
    kalo kwn tu 4ward awal bole post kn awal2 sket.
    heeee... =)



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