Monday, June 6, 2011

Habib Jewels Mid Year Sale. Thank you hubby!

It has been 3 months I haven't wore my wedding bracelet. That memorable gift from beloved hubby has broken into two pieces just about 1 month before we celebrated our second anniversary of blissfully living together this year. We went to one of Habib Jewel's store and they soldered the breaking joint but the same incident reoccurred just a few days later, at a different part of the bracelet. And my husband was the one who found it lying on the bath room's floor! Nasib baik..

So I just left it in the jewelery box since then, I'm afraid the bracelet would break and fall again and I will be in total dismayed knowing the fact that I've lost the biggest reminiscent of a wedding present. Hubby did ask me few times whether I wish for a new one? And I answered NO. Isn't he's one lucky guy to have me as a wifey? Hehe. I don't really fancy jeweleries. I do admit being a women it's nice to have few shining stuffs on you fingers, ears, wrist etc. But it's not a mandatory tho. I would rather spend the money on home decorations, literally.

But last Saturday was a different scenario. We actually went to KLCC to find a new glasses for me but we end up eying the 916 Golden bracelet at Habib Jewels - The mid year promotion in ON now by the way. I really have to confess that memang kadang2 rasa tak selesa because I already used to wearing bracelet, long before I'm getting married. But ahh.. Don't sweat the small stuff lah. When Mr Man unexpectedly insisted me to choose which one I would like to have (as a replacement for the wedding bracelet), my heart stomped with joy.
Who ever doesn't like my statement here is an absolute green alien from Mars. Haha, joking.
And so we traded in the former bracelet and top up a few amount for that. Frankly speaking I don't really miss the wedding bracelet tho, since that was my initial plan to have a 916 Gold as the wedding bracelet - so that I may change it to the latest design anytime as I wish (standard la wanita pantai timur, hikk). As for the wedding ring, a white gold ring (platinum is nice but too expensive) with few diamonds is good enough for me. It has no second value so I will keep it forever, with the exact shape and design and yes, the beautiful marriage memory.

The soul mate who surprised me that day..

But don't get me wrong. I'm not wearing those heavy bulky golden bracelet berbelas belas hiibuuu hingget ituuh. Just a small cutie one that suits perfectly a petite lady like me =) As for hubby, I thank you so much for the zillion times now. I don't really need this, well at this time. But it was so sweet of you when you voiced out..

"Takpela.. Kesian sayang kosong je tangan tu.."

I'm touched. I love you hunie, forever and always!


  1. hihihih.. feels a bit more feminine again. boleh x? ;D

  2. hehe..bulih2..sama la..buat masa skang are pun xde la minat jewels ni..good wifey kite kan ;)

  3. next, if dpt baby girl ada geng la nak kacing! kacing! hubby lagi hehe. beli 1 set dgn baby girl. sedondon gitu hehe

  4. are:
    itula. sungguh beruntung mereka berdua itu kan :D

    klaka je sedondon dgn baby, hehe. kalo faheem dpt adik gegel nnt xdan nye mama die nk men kaching kn hubby asna, b4 lahir lg msti nenek drg da pg tempah kt kedai siap2 :D

  5. Salam kunjungan... blog menarik, senang2 singgah la ke blog saya ;)

  6. thanks for dropping by =)

    ada kelapangan nnt sy singgah..



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