Tuesday, June 28, 2011

KLCC Park. Great getaway for healthier kids!

Last Saturday we brought Faheem to KLCC Park. Actually papa keeps on thinking when to renew our driving license that will expires in mid July when suddenly Pejabat Pos KLCC (that opens on weekends) gets into his mind. So he suggested to go to KLCC since we may bring Faheem to the open park too. The park consists of a swimming pool, playground, fountains and huge green area for joggers. The playground itself is 3 times bigger than the one at our residence and I'm sure Faheem will love that to bits!

That little guy just can't witness anything that preserve water. Like seriously. We just got him out from the stroller and he ran to the fountain pool in a blink of an eye! Lucky that papa was faster and managed to catch him by then. Phew..

That is the swimming pool (for kids) that opens for public every single day. We make sure Faheem will never get a sight of this place or he'll begin to un-wear all of his clothes and started screaming "andiiii!"

Upon arriving we went to KFC to get the KFC Snack Pack. Initially I was planning to cook bihun goreng with keropok etc and we're gonna have some sort of family picnic near the playground. Tapi semua itu hanyalah impian semata2. I'm not in the mood to do anything in the kitchen that day since the little guy keeps on following me every now and then. Further more, his 'brilliancy' is giving me worries!

Well, he pushed the breakfast chair near the kitchen cabinet, climbed it (mind you the stool is just a small one) standing high and innocently pressing every buttons on the microwave oven! I was screaming my heart out witnessing that horrifying scene. It's not the pressing-button that scares me, but the fact that he was standing on the breakfast stool all by himself? I can't imagine if he's fallen from it. Nauzubillah..

So no fancy meals from home that day. Tapau KFC sudah..

Dear Faheem loves drinking plain water through my Eco Tupperware bottle. But he's not drinking from the bottle itself, he prefers having it via the bottle cap instead. How cute is that? Hehe

The slide!

The rocking cat? =D

Happily playing with the swing.. The one at our residence is a norm one, doesn't complete with this kind of seating with back support so we need to push the swing really carefully. Definitely Faheem loves this one at KLCC Park! We pushed him way higher than what he has experienced before! =)

When Faheem began to sweat all over his body we decided to have a brisk walk around the park heading to the KL Convention Centre as hubby's planning to dine in at Kenny Rogers Roasters. There was quite a crowd since there's a GLC exhibition going on that weekend. But it was almost dawn and people were walking away from the place. Great timing! We had a quarter of black pepper chicken with mashed potato, baked beans and coleslaw..

And also this, chicken macaroni cheese. Surprisingly Faheem loves the cheesy macaroni! He ate a lot of them. With chicken nuggets and fun fries from KFC. How reviving.. No need to force him having his nasi with vegetables soup that day. Heheheh. We rushed back home once Faheem was done with his meal.

After all, it was such an overjoyed episode at KLCC Park, spent with my loved ones. The finest part was definitely when Faheem ate plenty of the food that we were serving him and the not so good part was when I realized the waiter forgotten to bring us the vanilla muffin I ordered just when I stepped in to the car! Duh..


  1. haha faheem aktif btul skang ek..camane la mama lisa yg ayu jerit ;)

    aah kan..KLCC park is my fav too..bleh spend hours kat situ just to watch the kids playing and of course ngn mcm2 telatah mencuit hati..

  2. faheem suka makaroni cheese ek..abang pon suke!:-p

  3. are: kalo da jerit mmg habes dan2 tu la ilang sume keayuan tu are.. :p

    "yangg tengokla faheemm kejap..."

    "yang faheem tuuuuu!"

    "sayangggg faheeeeeeeeemmmm!!"

    haa itula die versi2 jeritan mama faheem. yg paling atas bile faheem separa aktif, yg bwh skali ble faheem dh msk keaktifan maksima :D

    kan are! so reviving pg sane. lisa suke tgk org photoshoot kt klcc park tu are. mcm2 gaya.. telentang begolek sume ade. hehe

    jmr: eloklah tu due2 love the same thing :D if im not mistaken u both (are & jmr) schoolmate eh?? aritu usha2 nampak mcm ada link. hehe :)

  4. hahaha..byk versi ikut tahap keaktifan..nice!!! hehe..

    aah jmr tu schoolmate..besfren jeme tuh kat skolah dulu..hehe..die la photographer mase kitorg kawen hehe..komited btul..peluh2 sume byk idea lah..pandai tulis blog plak tu..blogger glamer gitu..(haha kasi kembang sama itu jamar :p)

  5. oo.. what a small world. x sangka my friend ada link dgn celebrity blogger gitew! hihihi. owh korang kawen pn encik jamar tu ke photog nye. nice nice..

    hopefully i'm invited la utk future wedding celebrity blogger kte tu dgn cik nunu one fine day nanti. heee =D

  6. kan lisa..are pun duk menunggu jgk nih turn jmr n cik nunu..nnti kite pakat serbu mjlis dorg ;)



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