Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pregnancy to Preschool Essential Guide

I'm fond of pregnancy books. I'm sure others too.
Merely not because it contains many cutie pictures of those lovely babies. Geram!
But the step by step and precious knowledge I'll gain to actually raise a human being.

I was about to purchase one during my 1st period of conceiving in 2009.
But there's few books (pretty much similar in contents) at my parents' house.
Buat ape membazir kan.. (most pregnancy books I found priced at RM100+)
I also purchased Pa&Ma magazine (highly informative for first timers) every month without a miss.
Further more I have access to the internet 24/7 - faster and reliable sources for sure.
So, I just keep one eye on that.

But now I'm longing to get myself this kind of book again.
Maybe the feelings arisen due to our plan of.. getting a playmate for dear Faheem?
Or is it because few of my friends have just/almost delivered their latest offspring recently?
Baby Haris, baby Rahil, baby Hazim, baby Fakri Jr., future baby of Syareena & Diani and all.

I don't know.. Should I get this one now?
Or just wait until the good news of only-god-knows-when really appearing?

What am I babbling now lah. Should focus back to work!


  1. beli je. some info maybe lebih berguna kalau tau beforehand. i bought 1 pregnancy book and been referring to it. nmpknya kena masuk cycle ke 3 lah reading d book coming soon hihi

  2. oh.. i tot ko tgk online je selame ni.
    hmm.. x nmpk mcm excited sgt ke kalo beli skg? heeee..

  3. siapa je yg nk nmpk pun kalau ko betul2 excited. kalau betul excited pn apa salahnya??? :) owh aku bli pregnancy book month b4 starting to conceive 'abid. 2 months b4 conceiving dh mkn acid folic etc. there's thing called preparation b4 conceiving okay. and i'm glad i bought d book much earlier. fyi aku sblm buat apa2 aku research dlu. slalunya from internet jelah. but byk juga aku bli buku for better info. aku kan skema hihi :D

  4. lisa..why not beli je..are yg blom sorg baby ni pun excited kekdg..let's pray one day lisa ade rezeki 2nd baby n are 1st baby insya Allah..:)

  5. ina:
    haha.. ko bukan skema, tp tersgt sgt lah rajin n very particular in everything :D i used to be one, tp sejak kawen, keje ada anak sume bnde tu slowly washed away. huhu. bukan ape, aku pelik sikit. takut hadapi failure or risk. takut frust. teruk kan? yo yo nk bukak business tp xnk rugi langsung. haha

    ya i know kne amik acid folic earlier tu. to get the uterus ready ke ape. hmm. amik jela satu kan. life time nye ilmu kn tu. baiklah!

    yet another support received from a darling friend! :) TQ are2.. itula, kte usaha dlu kan. doa bnyk2 n tawakal. sume tu kerja Dia, so just hope for the very best. insyaAllah..

  6. beli jer dulu takpe... boleh buat bedtime story dgn faheem memalam... hahaha...

  7. first time baca tajuk trus ingat lissa dah pregnant! beli je lisa, ilmu tak rugi :)

  8. mash:
    kalo faheem tu gegel bole la bedtime story bagai mash. ni boboi, mahu die koyak kan buku tu n susun2 cebisan tu atas katil mcm susun puzzle. pstu tepuk tgn "omeiii!!"

    lom lg, sedang berusaha n menanti. hehe. baeklah.. will get one soon! =)

  9. hahahaha... tepuk laa tangan sama2 dgn dia.. pastu kata kat dia "I don't friend U" sambil peluk tubuh, pandang kot lain... :p

  10. habes die serap pengaruh kakak eesya pstuh! haha



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