Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pulau Redang. Yet another vacation?

Finally it's June.
The monsoon has come to a halt.
And dearest hubby can't stop thinking about Pulau Redang.

The sportsaholic husband repetitively suggested a 3D2N stay at Redang Island somewhere this month, before Ramadhan's coming (he's giving hints actually, so that I'll proceed with hotels, rooms, prices and transportation reviews and get him informed with all the information soon - That is what wifeys do best I guess).

But I can't seem to feel the exultant in me. There's one absolute reason for this - I've became a bit traumatic with the drowning incidents I read in the news these few months. And the latest one on the TV! The daddy suddenly lost grip of his daughters and he lost his lovely TWO daughters in front of his very own eyes! I can't imagine if I were in his shoe.. =(

I love clear blue beaches, colorful corals and friendly fishes, pure white sands, the soothing sea breeze and all. In fact my parents' home is just minutes away from the beach. Being near to the beach really makes me feels like home. We went to Pulau Land Tengah for our first honeymoon trip and we've fallen in love with islands since then (apart from Bali and Langkawi). And we always have this intention to visit more beautiful islands together.

I told him about this tiny yet distressful issue in my mind but he assures me calmly that nothing bad will happen if we take all precautions during snorkeling and swimming activities at the beach. But remember qada' & qadar is still there. We can do nothing with that. "Just try to be at yourself-best (as a Muslim) and leave other matters to Him".

He's saying that during pillow talk and yes the words had pacified my heart and mind since then. Kadang rasa termalu sendiri jugak, macam orang tak beriman je kan. Duk risau bende bukan2, sedangkan kita tahu kematian itu adalah pasti. Kullunafsinzaaaiqatul maut - Sesunggahnya yang hidup itu pasti akan merasai mati.

And so I browsed thru the scenic and breathtaking Redang pictures taken from hubby's trip with his uni colleagues in 2008 (during bachelor years) in order to gain more and more positive vibes regarding the next island trip - Credit to Encik Abid for the wonderful pictures!

Magnificent isn't it. Subhanallah..
So lets started digging the information now! Err..


  1. fresh taste.. i love it!

  2. kirim pasir putih berdengung half bottle and few of kerang2 cantik bleh? keke

  3. i found your blog very delightful..must go to Redang one day, insha allah..



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