Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Sound of Music Musical Performance in Malaysia!

I have just posted a few baits of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria's lyric on my Facebook page few months back. And now they are coming to KL for real!

The production crew is of course created from a new and fresh line of casts (the original casts are in their 60s now, thanks to Oprah for bringing them in her show!) but the songs and movie plot would be the same as many years back. Ah.. How I miss the Von Trapp's family and Maria of course! (I mean before she's accidentally falling in love with the oh-so-tough and man-ly and good looking captain).

How do I get to know this musical film? Well this happens almost 20 years back when I was still in my primary years, standard 4 if I'm not mistaken. Beloved mama went to KL attending a course and mommies will never forget to get presents for her kids whenever they are away right? So that was one of the presents we get that day - a video tape of The Sound of Music!

And I memorized almost 90% of the lyrics until now, at the age of 28 and a mommy of a handsome boy too =p I went searching for the CD and DVD of the track when I was at the university, unfortunately to no avail. There's another movie titled 8Femmes, a french movie. I'm struggling my heart and soul searching for the original DVD copies in every malls that I went to but I have found none. Sigh..

Another event to spice up the story: I was surprised knowing that there were many DVD outlets at Bali (during our honeymoon trip) that provide hundreds of gile-murah and vividly clear DVDs and Blu-Ray discs but I just can't find them! But I was lucky enough when hubby has been transferred to Ho Chi Minh city last year and he found a DVD shop that was selling Blu-Ray disc of The Sound of Music for only a few ringgit! Tak kesah la ori ke tak yang penting it's Blu-ray, gamba cantik habes and complete with English subtitles! Haha

Back to the musical, yup.. The crew is performing that great musical of all time for this whole week until the weekend. Initially I was so excited to witness by my self, my all time favorite musical by hook or by crook. But I'm lying hopeless once I look at the ticket prices. It was beyond humanity la. Serious mahal gile. Anyone can afford it but it was too pricey for a 2 and a half hour's show! I know it's an international thingy but ahh.. Mahal! The cheapest is RM193 and I'm sure all I can see on the stage is only bulky human figures. Bluergh..

You may refer here for the seating and ticket pricing: TicketsPeople

The most strategic seating of all priced at RM590 per person *fainted. But there's a 25% discounted price for people purchasing the tickets via RHB credit card, and we are not an RHB customers. Great. Takpelah.. What to do, maybe this live musical isn't really meant for me. I can still watch the movie at home and through YouTube. So please be grateful Lisa! *Mode pujuk diri sendiri

Anyway these are few of my favorite clips!

The lonely goatherd! Ain't them funny and cute! Suke suke suke..

The image is quite blur, sorry. The most famous song would most probably be this one!

Edelweiss.. Isn't it sweet when a father sings to his kids? =)
My favorite part actually was when he sang it on top of the green green yet snowy top mountains, in a suburb of Salzburg!

This is my second favorite actually!
But I can't found the scene where the nuns singing this song to Maria in the abbey. Huhu.

In a nutshell, sedihnye tak dapat tengok musical ni.. Huwaaaaaaaa.... =(



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