Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What to do when you've mistakenly deleted the Recently Added tab on iTunes?

Nice title no? =D Well I just experienced this just now - carelessly deleted the Recently Added tab on my iTunes and got a bit panicked. Should I browse the latest song one line after another in the library list? Way NO way. So I googled and found the solution within seconds. Hoorey!

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Anyway, if it happens to be that you've mistakenly doing the same thing, stop sighing and visit
You need to make a smart playlist.. in iTunes click on File, then New Smart Playlist. Where it says 'Artist', click the drop down menu and select 'date added'. In the next option select 'is in the last'...then finally choose the length of time you want the list to go back to...lets say 1 month. press ok and now you have a list of all the music you have added to iTunes in the last month.
And it's back! =)

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